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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Brothers

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Blue Bloods

Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2010

Sara M. – Sr. Reviewer

In the Reagan family there are many different point of views. While they don’t agree on everything, one solid fact they can agree on is that you look out for family. Danny proves this by trying to help his rookie-cop brother learn some alternative methods of law enforcement. Erin is getting a refresher in the lesson while dealing with a gangster and his brother, whom she wants to use to get the bad guy behind bars.

The question arises, is this going too far? Using an innocent family member as a means to an end? What happens when things don’t go exactly as planned?

Erin is a dedicated A.D.A., when it comes to a gang member, Pablo Torres, responsible for a number of deaths and witness tampering, she’s relentless. When another witness, Louie, disappears before he has to testify, there are few options left. Erin decides to make a bold move and go after the clean-cut brother, Esteban. The student center he runs is financed by Pablo’s criminal activities, as well as being used to launder money. While it’s not the biggest charge, Erin decides to use what she can to get a foot in the door. Problem is, Esteban isn’t willing to turn on his brother. She promises him a closed trial with the grand jury. Esteban is still tentative but has to meet with his brother first and let him know about the situation.

The brothers meet at a church that has been rigged up with cameras and microphones. In a car outside Erin and the ESU Sergeant are watching, waiting in case anything goes wrong. Pablo surprises everyone, he tells his brother to do what he’s got to do. He knows that Esteban wouldn’t be able to last in prison, but for Pablo, it’s no big deal. He’s willing to do this so that his brother isn’t prosecuted. Esteban testifies, the warrant to arrest Pablo is issued. But when the ESU agents arrive they find him dead. Now it becomes a matter of protecting Esteban before the killer goes after him too.

Jamie and Danny are having some issues. Danny calls his brother down to the station to give him a back up pair of cuff links for his uniform. He also offers him a “slapper” which once belonged to Henry. Jamie refuses, disgusted that his brother would have the item at all, let alone suggest he use it. The day isn’t a great one for Jamie, who ends up watching a dead body while waiting for the morgue to arrive. Later that night he discovers that his brother had a hand in the assignment, furthering his annoyance with Danny’s actions. He doesn’t understand why his brother feels the need to continuously cut him down. The next day Jamie is working on his late brother, Joe’s, car. Frank comes out to talk to him, telling him that he ran into Joe’s girl, Angie and that she is getting ready to move. Before she leaves, Jamie goes to see her, hoping to get information about the night he died. But she can’t really help, just gives him a box of Joe’s things that she found in the closet.

With Pablo dead, it’s difficult for Erin to convince D.A. Charles Rosselini, that they need to provide witness protection for Esteban. Luckily, Erin has recruited Danny to help make the case against The Webster Avenue Boys and the person responsible for Pablo’s death. They narrow it down to a gang member named Grumpy. He won’t offer any information, but they do have his cell phone and use it to contact his buddies. Danny tells them that Esteban is being moved into protective custody and to move quickly. Grumpy’s guys arrive at the Learning Center, ready to kill Esteban, but they’re arrested before they get the chance to strike. Danny taking one of the men down using the slapper.

At Sunday dinner, Erin admits that the case is bittersweet. Yes, the gang is locked up, but the learning center had to close because they can’t swing the funding. Her concern is put on the back burner when Jamie and Danny get into a fight. Jamie makes a comment about Danny taking a risk that could lead to another Internal Affairs investigation. He leaves the table, before Danny can go after him, Frank takes the job. Outside Frank lets his youngest son know that Danny does what he does “because he wants to make you bullet proof.” He can’t handle loosing another brother and just wants to make sure that Jamie knows what is out there. This puts the actions in an entirely different light.

Jamie is still trying to puzzle out his brothers. In the box of Joe’s items he found an iPod, which included a recording of his brother talking about his FBI investigation. Apparently Joe was 6 months into an investigation of the Blue Templar and had received a new FBI contact the day before he died. He didn’t trust the new guy and wanted to make a recording separate from those he turned in to the Feds.

A great episode! They’re really doing an amazing job of building the tension. At first I thought things were moving a little slow, but now I’m appreciating it more. Also appreciated seeing more of Erin in her work environment. Frank, per usual, was fantastic. He and Danny are emerging as my favorite characters. Although, Henry is one that I like as well.

What were your thoughts? Is Jamie going to go through with the Feds request and pick up where his brother left off? How deep is Danny involved with the Blue Templar? What will we find out about Joe’s death? Share your Two Cents below.

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