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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Collateral Damage

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Blue Bloods
Collateral Damage

Original Air Date: May 4, 2012

FK – Sr. Editor

The time has come. Finally, the Sanfino story is going to start going full ahead tonight! When the Sanfino’s put a hit out on “Jimmy,” what will happen? I really don’t care to be honest, I’m just glad to finally see this season-long slow story finally start move along since next week is the season finale!

Elsewhere, Danny gets caught up in the mysterious death of a man he meets in the ER because, as Danny the detective has taught us, things are never as they appear.

While at the hospital with Jackie (who isn’t feeling well), Danny runs into a man who says he got into a fight. Shortly after, he faints. Danny goes to the office where the man (Phil) worked and starts asking some questions. He was in investing but seems to be a nice a guy, having no problems with anyone although he liked to drink a lot. His bosses are very cooperative, maybe too cooperative? After getting a list of Phil’s friends/coworkers, Danny finds out one of the guys didn’t show up to work and then gets a cryptic e-mail from Phil’s e-mail account (yes, the dead guy!) on how to get more information. They wind up in an underground Wall Street boxing match where Danny sees some “suits” and finds out they have some big time money (talking $50k) on the line for the fight. Winds up Phil was in the fight the night before against one of his “friends” and got beat pretty bad. They find the friend he fought, along with the two men they had met in the morning – and the firm’s lawyer. Jackie finds a prescription in the bathroom for one of the receptionists from the firm. Well this is just getting silly now! Winds up she dated Phil for a bit and she was the one who sent the e-mail. Erin can’t get any charges to stick but they are trying to get more evidence through the boxing gloves used during the fight. While waiting on the results, the guy Phil fought winds up in the hospital after overdosing. Danny and Jackie go to visit him and he tells them his boxing gloves were switched the night of the flight and someone had put weights in his gloves so Phil would be taken out. It’s harder to find out who could switch the gloves out since the firm owns his apartment. Winds up the gloves were injected with saline solution, which made the gloves heavy and the outside like sandpaper. Danny and Jackie are able to arrest one of the two guys they originally interviewed, who just wanted to win a bet. Danny is still convinced the other guy was involved somehow, too. He’ll be back.

Jamie is called into the squad via a personal escort instead of an over-the-radio request, which is odd. When he arrives, Frank is there to tell him the Sanfino’s have ordered a hit on Jimmy. He’s immediately being pulled from duty and is under house arrest until they have more information. The new information comes in – not only is there hit on “Jimmy,” but now there’s a hit on Noble as well for bringing “Jimmy” into the crew. Jamie wants to let Noble know since he was just the middle man to the bigger guy but the team (and Frank) will have none of it. Frank tries to talk to Jamie, who is upset and trying to drink his worries away. He decides to call Noble. Oy! Noble and “Jimmy” are supposed to meet but Jamie never told him to meet him anywhere. While on the phone with Jamie, Noble is shot but makes it out alive. During Sunday dinner, the adults argue over what happened to Noble. Jamie wants to help him and Frank finally agrees to help Jamie “save” Noble. Frank agrees to let Noble come to his house and tells him he is a police officer, but doesn’t tell him his real name. The family has been taken down and they offer him a deal to testify against his uncle. We also find out Bianca is alive and living under a new identity. Noble doesn’t want to believe it but Jamie convinces him it’s all true. Noble calls Jamie a weasel and it obviously gets under his skin but Jamie holds his own. Jamie starts to think maybe he’s not cut out to be a cop.

Next week is the season finale. A threat against New York City via a virus with no vaccine.

Thoughts from the episode:
– Wil Estes was perfection. He pulled off the confrontation with Noble great!
– I wonder what kind of undercover assignment he’ll have next season? Or will he leave the job behind and go back to law?
– I liked Danny and Jackie having a case that didn’t have the entire family involved. Obviously Erin needs to be involved because it’s her job to get the warrants, charges, etc. But he didn’t need anyone else. I like those stories better.
– Jackie didn’t feel well. Last week we heard ALL about her boyfriend. Are you thinking what I’m thinking??
– Next week’s previews look somewhat boring, and redundant (Blue Bloods has already done a story like this). I hope there’s something more than what the preview shows!

But that’s it from me, what about you? Leave your two cents below!

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