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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Dedication

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Blue Bloods

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2011

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Every two weeks, we get a mention of Joe, the Reagan we’ve never met. This week Joe gets his mention, but not because of Jamie’s hunt for his killers.

His alma mater, John Jay College, is dedicating some room to him and Frank is all excited. After meeting with all his old buddies, something tragic happens and as usual, the life of Joe takes a back seat. But also as usual, the entire Reagan family is on the case.

After a meal with some old buddies, Frank is gunned down. He takes bullets to the shoulder while shielding his friend, a priest. Danny, of course, wants to be on the case, but he’s being blocked out. That won’t stop him. Jamie wants to be on the case too, but Renzulli says their job is to do their beat and let things happen as they will (so of course they’ll somehow get involved).

While the family is sitting vigil at Frank’s side, Jackie has a lead on the car used for the shooting. Danny and Jackie (or Batman and Robin as I like to refer to them), are on the case. Somehow they are the only ones there despite the entire city being on the case. They learn the identity of the driver, who decides to meet them because he’s scared. But before they can do that, he’s killed. Who gets called to the murder site? None other than Jamie and Renzulli. Ah, good old fate.

Henry needs to do something. It was his son who was shot after all. He’s got 30+ years of press clippings. Mix that with the cell phone of the driver and they come up with Rory Brennan, son of Whitey, who was the head of the “Irish Westies” when Frank busted them at a church. Whitey’s wife and grandson were killed. That kind of hatred never goes away.

Danny attempts to kill Whitey first, but we all know morphine drips aren’t the way to go. Plus, Whitey wants to die at this point. After that doesn’t work, Danny finds Rory, who holds a nurse hostage (and shoots her). Danny winds up killing Rory. Victory! Or not…

The nurse informs Danny that during the time of Frank’s shooting, Rory was with Whitey the entire time. He left the room a few times and was arguing with someone on the phone but she didn’t know who. Winds up Rory isn’t Whitey’s only son. Bring in Kevin, who decides to crash the dedication disguised as a priest. With Jamie in the know, Danny and Jamie take him down as Frank is giving his speech. No one ever knows what goes down at the top of the escalator and the ceremony continues.

After the ceremony, Frank goes to visit Whitey and apologizes for never offering his condolences 30 years prior. He also brings in a priest so Whitey can give his confessions before he dies. Whitey is grateful. Some powerful stuff there.

Next week, Nicky somehow winds up at a crime scene with Danny, which traumatizes her and changes her mind on becoming a cop.

This was a great Tom Selleck episode. It usually always is, but this one tops them all. While we didn’t learn more about Joe’s death, we learned about his life (John Jay College Class of 1996). It was nice to see the whole family come together, although I did wonder where Nicky was for a bit. I enjoy when they remind us of Frank’s old days but I don’t like when Danny and Jackie break rules and get away with it. But that’s just me. What about you? What are your thoughts?

I’ll be off for the next few weeks so I hope you enjoy Blue Bloods without me!

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