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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Hall of Mirrors

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Blue Bloods
Hall of Mirrors

Original Air Date: Feb 2, 2011

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Sorry about missing last week. I was off in Charlotte, NC – home of NASCAR. While Blue Bloods was airing, I was at a dinner hosted by ESPN and Red Bull in a room with two race cars in it. It’s a big deal in my world but I was sad to miss my television shows.

So what did ya’ll miss last week? Not a whole lot, although Erin got cozy with the DA and the one remaining piece to the Joe puzzle apparently killed herself, leaving Jamie even more suspicious than ever.

This week is all about trust and gut feelings. Frank will trust Danny with a huge case, causing him to lie to his partner. Jamie will use his gut when his partner thinks he’s crazy. And of course, Erin has to break some rules to help one of her brothers.

The big case: A shooting happens in the middle of Central Park while a bunch of guys are playing cricket. No big deal, right? Wrong. The man who was shot was an undercover cop in the anti-terrorism unit and he had uncovered a plot to take down NYC 48 hours later. He’s alive, but not doing well. There is another cop in the cell, too. His shooting leaves the door open for so much to go wrong. If he was shot because he’s a cop, was his cover blown? Was the other cop’s cover blown? If it was for another reason, do they pull the other cop? Of course, Frank needs his best cop on this so he goes to Danny. However, Danny can NOT tell Jackie the truth about the case, which he hates. Partnership is about trust, after all. There are details of the attack missing and they need to keep the cop in the cell. Danny and Jackie work the case as usual and get to the bottom of it all. The undercover cop, Sammy Kahn, representing himself as a student studying architecture from Pakistan, was being targeted with death threats in an internet chat room. Jackie and Danny track down the computer and find the motorcycle used during the shooting. Also, there’s a girl involved (appropriately named Farrah … thanks writers. Love ya, too.). Turns out Farrah fled the country. Eventually she’s tracked down and tells Danny she’s in love with Sammy but another guy is in love with her, too (his name is Raheem). That guy happens to be given up by the driver of the motorcycle, Malik. Farrah sets up Raheem and he’s caught by Danny and Jackie and thanks to them, the other cop stays in the cell and gets information to take down the cell before they can hurt anyone. Jackie figures it all out and is upset with Danny for not trusting her but understands. She is a detective, after all.

Jamie’s case: Jamie and the Sarg (Renzulli, but we’ll call him Sarg since that’s what Jamie does…) get called to the house of a crazy, according to Mr. NYPD Blue. She calls often, saying someone has been in her house. She went to Harvard and Jamie feels a connection to her. He gives her his number in case she has another problem. On the side, he asks Erin to pull her file. Her parents were killed in a plane crash and she survived. After, she was committed for severe anxiety (that’s it??). Melissa (that’s her name, we’ll call stop calling her “her”) takes anxiety meds but Jamie is convinced something is up. When she goes on vacation, she gives him a set of keys. Jamie gets a text that someone is in her place and he runs over. Winds up, Melissa wasn’t crazy! Her brother was doing all of these little things to make her seem crazy because he had been kept out of the will and he wanted her to be committed again so he could get all the money. Sarg tells Jamie he’s got something, like Joe.

Talking about Joe … Lydia “killed herself.” Jamie finds it suspicious and creepy Detective Molevsky pretty much threatens him if he keeps digging deeper. Oh, creeper.

This episode was great. I’ll tell ya why:
– Frank took a personal interest in the case. Is it common in realty? Maybe not. But it’s great TV. Tom Selleck reading poetry to Sammy while he’s the hospital … it’s brilliant.
– Danny having to lie to Jackie is tough to watch but she picks up on what’s happening rather quickly. She questions him at every turn like the detective she is.
– Is this the first time we learn of Danny’s service in Iraq? I don’t remember.
– Jamie going with his gut is great but it may get him killed in the end with this Joe thing. I’m worried for him.

Those are my thoughts for now, what about you? Did you agree with Danny keeping the secret? Glad Jamie is using his gut and not his head? Will this Joe thing ever end? Leave your two cents below!

Line of the night:
Clerk: We use that for our accounting.
Danny: Well, Best Buy’s having a sale. Get yourself a new one.

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