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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Mother’s Day

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Blue Bloods
Mother’s Day

Original Air Date: May 11, 2012

FK – Sr. Editor

I can’t believe it’s season finale time already! With last week’s undercover story wrapped up, this week will be a wrap up of sorts as Blue Bloods likes to do with their finales, unlike other shows.

Frank has to stop a terrorist attack while Danny has a cold case come back to his life, while dealing with a lingering issue with Jamie (who is dealing with issues himself after the Sanfino assignment made him rethink being a cop).

Danny goes to Jamie’s squad to ask for help catching a robbery suspect. You know, I’m from New York but I find it hard to believe that Danny and Jamie’s cases always overlap. While on patrol, Jamie and Renzulli find the guy arguing with a meter maid and arrest him. This isn’t going to be cut and dry, obviously. After the arrest, Jamie and Danny fight over who gets the collar (really?). They fight like little kids in front of everyone over who gets credit for the arrest. When they go in to a room to talk, Jamie rips into Danny for never respecting him or Joe, always being hard on them. Danny can’t believe what he’s hearing and they get into a fight and have to be separated. Renzulli tells Jamie they got another call and they let Danny take the collar. During interrogation, the suspect says he has information on an old missing child case and Danny flips out. Danny explains to Jackie the case he was talking about is Danny’s “one” cold case that has stayed with him for two years, to the point where he still has the picture of the little boy. Danny visits the mother to go over the new details he might have. The new information given to Danny is the name of the guy who may have taken the little boy and when he shows the mother the picture, she immediately identifies him as someone they knew. They find the suspect’s mother and, knowing Mother’s Day is coming up, get a warrant to bug her phone. He does, in fact, call her and Danny asks Jamie to join him on the bust. Danny and Jamie bust the guy and he immediately says he didn’t kill the boy and admits to everything and even tells him where the little boy is! Winds up the suspect’s girlfriend had just had a miscarriage and had threatened to kill herself so he kidnapped the little boy. He had been unharmed the entire time, being raised by someone else. Danny and Jamie bring him back to his mother. Danny and Jamie apologize to each other and agree to work on becoming more than just brothers, but best friends like Jamie and Joe were. Aw.

Frank, meanwhile, is working on a Saturday. Who knew Frank had a situation room? Cool! Anyhoo, he gets called in to a briefing and is told that New York City is going to be attacked in less than 24 hours. Dun dun dun. The attack is viral, a “flu on steroids,” which has no vaccine and will spread quickly. The mayor wants to let the public know about the potential attack but Frank knows better. They compromise and Frank is given six hours to stop the attack. Nicky is spending the day with Frank and is traveling to him via the subway, where Homeland Security thinks the attacks will be. Foreshadowing? Frank oversees ESU breaking into the apartment of the potential attackers which brings up nothing. During an argument with the mayor, Frank says he will quit if he can’t do his job. Nicky and Erin arrive and Erin can tell something is going on. Nicky tells Frank he looks sad and thinks it’s because Mother’s Day is coming up but also can tell that something bad is happening. Henry comes to pick up Nicky and Frank asks him when he knew he was ready to quit. The terrorists were caught but he’s struggling with how one single decision of his can impact his family. The public is told the incident was a drill and Garrett delivers the information on the news like the pro he is.

At Sunday dinner, all the men of the family serve the women and each person at the table says a prayer for their mother.

Thoughts from the episode:
– So that’s it, that’s the season finale? No cliffhanger? Guess they weren’t sure if they were being renewed or not when they wrote it.
– Loved Danny and Jamie’s look into their relationship. I would love to see flashbacks of Joe and Jamie’s relationship since we always hear so much about it.
– Another stellar performance by Tom Selleck.
– I love the relationship between Frank and Nicky. It’s just perfection.
– The Sunday dinner was one of the best yet. Wonder what’s in Frank’s mashed potatoes?

But that’s it from me, what about you? Leave your two cents below!

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