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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – My Funny Valentine

photo: cbs
Blue Bloods
My Funny Valentine

Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2011

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

It’s Valentine’s Day for our favorite cop family. So what does that mean? Cases galore! With a side of love, of course.

A few weeks back, Erin got smoochy-smoochy with Bobby, I mean Rosselini, and it was never revisited. Maybe this week we’ll get more of that? But first, Danny and Jackie get a case of a kidnapped girl while Frank gets involved in a case he really shouldn’t. And Jamie? Well it’s an off week for him so I’m sure no Templar story.

Danny & Jackie’s case: While walking home from school, an uber rich girl (with divorced parents) is kidnapped. Danny and Jackie are put on the case because “they’re the best.” (Don’t we hear that every week?) While interviewing the parents, it turns out good ol’ dad has a girlfriend (who calls herself the fiance). Something starts getting fishy. Mom is pushed out of the picture when the girlfriend seems to know more about the girl. Turns out she has an older boyfriend the parents didn’t like. They find the van used during the kidnapping and start putting the pieces together: the girl staged her own kidnapping to get her parents back together. However, when her boyfriend turns up dead, they get a messenger to lead them to the “new” kidnapper, who kills himself. Turns out the plan started out as a staged kidnapping for attention until they let this other guy help them, who made it a bit too real. He killed her boyfriend and kidnapped her for real. Her parents didn’t get back together and her boyfriend is dead. But Danny figured it out, just like the great cop he is.

Frank: Frank loves everyone. He has a big heart (get it – Valentine’s Day, heart … aw nevermind). Anyhoo, one of the cleaning people is at the office late at night and is a wreck. She breaks a mug of his while cleaning and explains her son was arrested and swears he’s innocent. But Frank isn’t allowed to get involved in cases (does he ever follow the rules? He puts his own son on cases!). He meets with the detective on the case (gasp – it’s NOT Danny!) who says she’ll look into it more. Winds up they had dropped the ball and never really looked into the son’s story. He was let go and Frank felt warm and fuzzy in his heart for doing a good deed.

ah, rosselini can dance (photo: cbs)
Erin and Rosselini: Here’s the deal with these two: they like each other. It’s so obvious. But he’s her boss and she’s a divorced single mother. So what does he do? Talk to her about being a doting uncle and reminds her of her own childhood. Winds up Erin’s ex has a new girlfriend so Nicky plans to surprise her mom by inviting Rosselini to their girl’s night out. Nicky begins to feel guilty about it and tells Frank and the day of their dinner, Erin gets a nice surprise in the form of all the single Reagan men (and Nicky). No Rosselini.

Jamie: No work for him, just a few lines to remind us he’s single.

I liked this episode. Everyone had something going on (even though he didn’t do much, Jamie was at least there). I enjoy Erin and Rosselini and wish they would go forward with their relationship (there was a discussion on them going forward once he’s elected mayor but come on, they’re gonna go there beforehand). I enjoyed Nicky’s match-making, her discussion with Frank about her dad and the reality of her parent’s divorce, which was played out in a whole different way in the kidnapping case. Nice of them to mention Jamie’s breakup with Syd and the ending with Erin, Nicky and her men eating dinner was great.

Next week the Wednesday night experiment is done and the show goes back to Friday nights. But enough about that. What did you think? Did you enjoy the episode? Will Erin and Rosselini contain their urges? Leave your two cents below! (And for you Bobby Cannavale lovers out there, enjoy the extra picture!)

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