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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Privilege

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Blue Bloods

Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2010

Sara M. – Sr. Reviewer

It’s difficult to solve a crime. From the beginning of the investigation to the court date, many things can go wrong. But what happens when you can’t prosecute the guilty party? When a diplomat is the main suspect in a series of attacks and rape the question becomes, how will he be brought to justice? Will the Reagan family find a way to prosecute this man within the system?

New York City at night can be a dangerous place for a college girl walking by herself. More so when you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. Behind this girl a black SUV follows, keeping a slow pace until she finally notices and runs. A masked man eventually emerges from the Escalade and runs after her. Later Danny is called in on the case, riding solo as his partner is again absent. This is the second girl attacked near campus within the same night. While she wasn’t raped, the assailant certainly had the intentions. While Danny is questioning her another call comes through, 8 blocks away yet another woman has been attacked and she was in fact raped. However, this woman managed to pull of the man’s mask and get a quick look at him, which is enough to produce a sketch.

At the Reagan house, Henry is teaching Jamie how to wield his nightstick. The latter is so focused on this that he isn’t paying attention to fiancé, Sidney, who is trying to make plans for the wedding. Frank is out for the evening, on a date with Kelly the reporter. He managed to call in some favors so that they have an entire restaurant to themselves. Naturally the intimate date is interrupted when Frank’s phone begins to ring. He leaves and a moment later Kelly is pulling out her own phone to try to find out what’s going on. By the time Frank arrives at his office, Kelly is already at the crime scene with a live report. Throughout the course of the investigation Kelly manages to be a step ahead, much to Frank’s surprise.

Danny visits the third victim at the hospital, meeting her father, Walter. He is understandably upset, but Danny makes it clear that they will find the person responsible. He also visits the 2nd victim, Courtney, where he meets her boyfriend Blake. There’s something off about Blake and his tattoo catches Danny’s attention. Back at the station there are two possible leads on the SUV, the first is a dead-end and the second leads to the Calso family. Claudio Calso is an Argentinean diplomat, which means that his immunity extends to his children and wife. Sophia Calso is far from cooperative when her car is pulled over. Danny has no choice but to let her go, but before he does he finds out the location of her son, Sebastian. The young man is tracked down on campus but before he can be questioned, his father arrives. Both are both very passive about the fact that their car is linked to a brutal crime.

Claudio is called to Frank’s office where he refuses to life his son’s diplomatic immunity. Despite the fact that he believes his son to be innocent. He leaves and Frank sends the diplomat’s coffee cup to the lab for DNA analysis. While Frank is demonstrating his evidence gather savvy, Jamie is still learning the finer points of the job. He manages to earn his first gun collar when he notices a man wearing a bulging jacket in 85-degree weather.

The sample from Claudio came back as a partial match, meaning that Sebastian is the person they’re looking for. However, this matters very little if they can’t prosecute. Frank contacts Argentina in an appeal to have the immunity waved, which they deny. He goes to Erin and asks her to look for anything that would present them with the opportunity to get Sebastian. And she comes through, swinging a material witness order, so that Danny can pick up Sophia, who failed to mention that she and Claudio are divorced. She talks her son into coming in for an interview. During which he’s sarcastic, stubborn, and unhelpful. Before he leaves Danny notices the same tattoo that Blake has on his arm.

Once Sebastian leaves, they collect a DNA sample from his sweat. Danny brings Blake in and discovers that the two belong to a secret organization. Part of the initiation was to attack the top five attractive women on campus and take their underwear. Blake was actually the one to attack his Courtney so that he could make sure she wasn’t hurt. But the boys just watched as Sebastian raped his target woman. Despite this confession and evidence, the police department can’t do anything with the immunity in place. While Frank is on the phone trying to break up with Kelly, Claudio arrives. He’s informed of the fact that his son is a rapist, but still won’t give Sebastian up. Frank then informs him that the DNA matches a case in Argentina. Either Sebastian is sent back and forced to face charges in a much harsher system, or the immunity is waved and he’s tried in the United States.

Claudio agrees and Danny arrests Sebastian. Walking the cocky young man into the police station, Walter is there to see his daughter’s attacker brought in. Back at the Reagan home, Jamie is spending time with his grandfather, looking through some past pictures. He notices a pin on Danny’s lapel and questions Henry about it. When it’s confirmed that it’s a Blue Templar pin, Jamie tries to push the topic further but Henry hedges the topic. As the case is wrapped up Frank receives a box of cigars from Kelly, along with an apology note. Erin, Danny, and Henry watch the news as the mayor takes credit for Frank’s work.

I liked this episode much more than last week. Seems like we’re slowly getting a little more with Jamie, who seems rather neglected in the storylines. As is Henry, whom is a character I would really like to learn more about. Also the Frank and Kelly relationship is rather interesting. I like the fact that we don’t actually see them fight or have these in-depth conversations, but that it’s implied.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Curious as to where this Blue Templar thing is going to lead? Want to see more of Danny’s personal life? Thus far it seems to be all about his job and not about his wife or kids. Hoping for some more development with Erin? Share your Two Cents below.

Next Week: Officer Down

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