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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Re-Do

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Blue Bloods

Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Every week, Blue Bloods continues to impress me with their storylines, character development, intertwining of characters and accuracy of events that are realistic (that don’t come from headlines, gah). This week was no exception (to tell you how real this week was, I literally jumped out of my chair a few times and had to watch Nick At Nite for an hour before I went to bed).

This week will test everyone when prisoners are released due to bad DNA tests in an under-funded city lab. Erin and Danny are especially close to one of the cases, a horrific man named Reed, who built up a fan club while in prison. Now on the job, Jamie will have to deal with some of the prisoners wanting to return to their old lives, which they can’t thanks to restraining orders. He’s also still busy dealing with the whole Blue Templars deal and figuring out who killed his brother.

Jamie: Jamie is still not comfortable with being asked to investigate the Blue Templars and is now, more than ever, convinced his brother had found out too much and was killed by someone internally. After the weird IA investigation, he confronts the FBI Agent who has been pushing him, and when he says “are YOU the Blue Templars?” she quickly hangs up. This gets his mind running and he starts looking up information on the Internet and finds out another cop on Joe’s team was shot shortly after Joe and quit the force. He’s clearly disturbed. He has to make a choice – continue digging and find out the truth or risk his own life.

Frank: Frank is in the center of the lab fail. In a joint conference between him, the mayor and the head of the Department of Public Safety (who oversees the lab) – Councilwoman Collins – they all call each other out. He heads to the lab after finding out the head tech was let go, without pension. In his parting words, he mentions that money had been promised to the lab several times but never made it to them, making it hard for them to properly do their jobs. Disturbed, Frank does some true detective work (as Councilwoman Collins suggested they do instead of relying on the lab so much) and finds out each time the lab got money, she took a nice, long vacation. She has already been investigation for misappropriation of funds before (and was cleared), but this time, Frank has the proof. He tells her to get a lawyer. I’m sure she will.

There are several released prisoners but we see two, Dick Reed and a man named Mondo.

Mondo: Mondo was in prison for killing his ex’s new boyfriend. She calls 911 and Jamie and Renzulli answer her call. There is a restraining order but he didn’t violate it – he stayed across the street and didn’t step one foot over the limit. They promise her if he comes back, so will they. He does come back and this time, he sticks around to talk to them. While Renzulli uses the bad cop approach, Jamie uses the good cop approach (or the “Dr. Phil” approach as Renzulli puts it). Mondo still loves his girl and wants to see her. Jamie points out he’s scaring her and if he loves her, he’ll stay away and let her live her life. He leaves and we never hear another word about them again.

Dick Reed: Reed is the most horrendous of the prisoners released. He was put away for torturing (and killing) three women. His “thing” was to rape and torture them and then set their bodies on fire. He did this three times. The fourth victim, Becky, somehow survived, identified him, and with the evidence from the first three cases, she never had to testify. Upon his release, he has a fan club of sorts waiting for him. When a woman is attacked in a similar way, Danny quickly figures out there’s a copy cat out there. With cops on Reed 24/7, they’ll know when he moves. Becky decides to come forward and meets with Erin, only to be taunted by Reed on the courthouse steps. After that, she decides not to come forward. Danny and Jackie get Reed’s belongings from the prison and figure out his two fanatics – Staton and Ratchet – are super freaky, even with a website dedicated to serial killers. They go to Staton’s apartment, which is covered in shrines to the best serial killers ever, Reed included. Staton isn’t capable of murder though, he’s just a fan. However, when they look at his computer, they find pictures of the girl who was attacked. He finally breaks and said he took the pictures for Ratchet after they met with Reed at a bar. What? How could that be when Reed’s house was being monitored 24/7? They go to Reed’s house and find a tunnel that leads from his basement to a neighbor’s bomb shelter. Danny is NOT happy. They also find his sister tied up and beaten. At the same time this is going on, someone is breaking into Becky’s apartment playing “Ave Maria,” Reed’s signature “move” during his torture. However, we don’t see his face, so it’s safe to assume it’s the copycat again. Just as he grabs Becky, Danny and Jackie bust in. I assumed right – it was Ratchet, not Reed. So where’s Reed? He’s going after someone he has beef with. Danny calls Erin and tells her to be safe. Reed is in her building, dressed as the janitor. She makes plans to go to dinner with Frank across the street from their offices, but she’s late. Danny calls Frank because he can’t get a hold of Erin. Across the street, Erin is being attacked by Reed. She’s doing her best to get away (even using a fire extinguisher as a weapon), but he’s got her pinned. Then BAM! Frank comes in, gun in hand. With a knife to his daughter’s throat, Frank puts a bullet in Reed’s head. Good thing Frank has good aim.

No new episode next week thanks to the holiday.

This show continues to surprise me. There were a few things that bothered me about the episode though: 1) With the camera not focusing on the person’s face in Becky’s apartment, it took no brain power to figure out it was NOT Reed; 2) When it wasn’t Reed and Ratchet said he was going after someone he had beef with, it took me about two seconds to figure out it was Erin; 3) What was the point of Jamie and Renzulli dealing with Mondo? Other than that, I just wish the Blue Templars/Jamie thing would move a little faster (and stop making us read tiny internet screen caps!). Another stellar episode.

What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy the episode? What about having Sunday dinner in the middle of the episode instead of the end? Any theories about the Blue Templars? Leave your two cents below!

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