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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Samaritan

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Blue Bloods

Original Air Date: Oct 1, 2010

Sara M. – Sr. Reviewer

Subways in New York City are an everyday part of life. The streets are so congested with traffic and the sidewalks are packed with natives and tourists. Sometimes the below ground trains are the only choice. But what happens when that mode of transportation is no longer safe? When young gang members take advantage of the close quarters? Even worse, what happens when a gun goes off during one of their robberies? Difficult to say, but with the Reagan family involved, it’s a safe bet that the terror won’t last long.

Riding the subway at night can be dangerous. And as of late, there’s a particular risk in the Flatbush area. A gang of men have held up numerous trains, robbing the passengers and now they’ve added the element of violence. One woman quickly gets off the train as soon as the young men get on. Moments after the doors close the leader pulls his gun and demands for all valuables to be turned over. While he does this, another gang member is filming the entire situation. But something goes wrong; the camera shifts violently around, making it difficult to focus. The sounds of struggle are silenced by gunshots.

At Frank Reagan’s house, his kids have all filtered in through the night. Danny and his grandfather, Henry, are attempting to put together a remote control car for Danny’s son. Jamie, who is getting ready to leave for the midnight shift, gets recruited into helping. Erin has just returned to the house, disgruntled because her daughter is spending so much time with her soon to be ex-husband. The family problems are abandoned when cell phones begin to ring. Danny is called to the scene while Frank is called into the office.

Danny arrives at the scene, meeting a new detective (who is credited just as Detective). The subway car has been emptied. There are no bodies, just a lot of blood. The gang managed to get away as soon as the doors opened. Danny has an idea of how they might’ve gotten out and returns to the street where he runs into Jamie and his training officer. He catches a ride with them a few blocks away, to an emergency escape from the subway. Sure enough, the hatch is open and the trail of blood continues to a body propped up on a bench. A new member of the gang, Lee, was shot during the robbery and was left behind to die.

At the offices, Frank is aware of this pattern of theft. Many others have occurred in this area, all orchestrated by Steven “Handsome” Jackson. However, there is a great deal of concern as this is the first incident that included the camera and an escalation of violence. Within a short span of time someone discovers the tape of the incident posted online. Frank assigns more officers to patrol the subway cars in that area in attempt to assure the public that the police department is taking care of the situation.

At the station, Danny returns to find a sea of witnesses giving statements. But he notices a woman lingering near one of the back walls. She is Denise, cousin of the dead gang member. She’s hesitant to help and ends up leaving without giving any information about Handsome. The mystery of who pulled the trigger on Lee is solved when one of the last victims gives her statement. She explains that two of the men were ready to rape her when a man sitting on the train pulled his own gun. Now the search is on for this good Samaritan. The woman is able to point him out in the video and his picture is released to the press.

It’s not long before the man, Oliver Young, is on the news. Frank’s lady friend and news reporter, Kelly Davidson is the one that Oliver goes to. When Danny is interrogating him later, Oliver confides that he went to Kelly because he wanted to make sure that his side of the story was out there and that he wouldn’t have gotten that opportunity with the police. Despite the fact that he shot Lee to defend a young woman, he is still sent to lock up. While there he’s attacked by another inmate and hospitalized. Handsome has put a $5,000 bounty on Oliver’s head. His willingness to come forward brings Denise back in. She gives Danny a location to find the gang. When they raid the place they get most of the group, but not Handsome.

At Sunday night dinner, the conversation of course turns to the situation. Henry is very opinionated and believes that it’s a good thing this man had a gun with him. While Erin is of the opinion that more people would’ve been killed if everyone on the car had been armed. The case is suddenly being argued like siblings would disagree over any other topic, asking their father whose side he’s taking. Despite the fight, Danny asks his sister for help to keep Oliver from serving time. She tells him to let the law work.

Another tape surfaces, Handsome threatening more attacks. Frank ups the security in the area of previous attacks, but Danny figures out that Handsome is getting on the trains in another location and then meeting his boys at the station. As Handsome stands on the platform, waiting for the train to arrive, the doors open and Danny steps out. Handsome tries to run but is eventually taken down and arrested. Erin meets with her brother and tells him that Oliver will probably only end up with a prolonged probation. Frank meets up with Kelly, he’s having a hard time relaxing because of their earlier clash over the videos and Oliver. Jamie meets with the FBI agent again, who is still trying to persuade him to help their investigating and go undercover.

I wasn’t particularly amazed with this episode. It feels like Erin is only brought in to have these very contradictory opinions from the men in her family. While I do enjoy Danny and Frank, everything seems a little lackluster.

Anyone else feel underwhelmed? Hoping to see a little more about Jamie and this Blue Templar society? Does anyone else suspect his training officer or Danny of knowing more about Joe’s death then they let on? Share your Two Cents below.

Next Week: Privilege

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