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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Some Kind of Hero

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Blue Bloods
Some Kind of Hero

Original Air Date: Apr 6, 2012

FK – Sr. Editor

Sometimes I get angry with Blue Bloods for moving stories at a slow pace. It took a whole season for the Blue Templar story to play out. But when they finally move a story, it’s worth it. This week, I know we’re in for a treat with Jamie’s undercover story when he saves a baby from a burning building, which in the non-undercover world is great. But when you’re pretending to be someone else and your face is about to be plastered on televisions, in newspapers, on the Internet … it will be devastating to your task at hand and possibly risk your life and the lives of those around you.

Elsewhere, Danny must listen to a child’s plea when his father’s suicide doesn’t sit well with him. As usual, Danny is close to the case (the child is a classmate of his son) but for this occasion, it’s a good thing.

Danny and Linda are at a sort of parent night with the boys at school and run into a friend of Jack and Sean’s. The dad seems like kind of a mean guy who is FDNY. By nature, Danny is supposed to dislike him. This encounter means something is going to happen to someone in this little circle. During dinner, Linda gets an e-mail that Mr. FDNY killed himself. Danny is upset – no matter what, someone taking their life never sits well. At the visitation, Jack asks Danny to talk to his friend because he thinks someone killed his dad. It’s a touching conversation and Danny looks into the case. It takes a whole five seconds for Danny to discover there are holes in the case and foul play has been involved. Not only was he a firefighter, but he co-owned a tiny construction/contracting company and was involved with a corrupt inspector and he was in major debt. Light bulb times two! Danny goes undercover for a minute, bribes the inspector and gets him to admit he got into a fight with the guy, hit him with a two-by-four and was frantic and felt the need to cover it up, making it look like a suicide. He comforts the son and keeps his dad’s promise to take him to an upcoming hockey game.

Jamie and Renzulli are on a meal break when they hear screams of “Fire! Fire!” They run and see people coming out of a burning apartment building. Someone tells Jamie there is a baby in an apartment on the second floor. Not sure where the parents are, but for the story’s purpose, let’s assume they couldn’t get to the baby and left it behind while panic-stricken. Jamie runs in the building and it explodes! Renzulli waits and Jamie comes out, hands him the baby and the paramedics take him away, telling the pair the baby will be fine thanks to Jamie’s heroics. Of course! Garrett tells Frank about it and he immediately pulls Jamie off patrol and to not tell anyone about what happened. He canNOT blow his cover! The next piece of business is to deal with the media. Frank’s idea? Make Renzulli the hero. First he has to tell Renzulli about Jamie’s undercover job. He is not happy with Jamie for keeping the secret, even though it was for his own protection. Not even Erin or Henry know! Throughout the incident, Danny tells Erin the truth who gets upset with Frank for keeping the secret. Renzulli is awarded publicly for his actions while Jamie watches from the sidelines. Later, the two chat and Renzulli comes to understand what happened. During Sunday family dinner, Erin toasts to her brothers as she also worries about them (Jamie in particular). After, Frank hands Jamie the award he would have – and should have – received.

Thoughts from the episode:
* I don’t agree with Erin being upset over not knowing about Jamie. Not only is she a DA but the less people who know about Jamie, the better.
* Good ol’ NickyT was stellar! It’s probably the most we’ve seen Renzulli talk the whole season but it was perfection.
* I read in a review this episode had three heroes: the son for having the courage to ask Danny to find out the truth, Jamie for saving the baby and Renzulli for covering for Jamie. I agree.
* It appears we’re on a bit of a break, but you know there is going to be fallout from this incident. Someone will have video and everyone will try to cover it up.
* Loved the Frank and Erin scene when Frank says what he was really thinking when he was talking to Jamie. You could tell Frank was on the verge of breaking.

But that’s it from me, what about you? Leave your two cents below!

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