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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – Thanksgiving

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Blue Bloods

Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2011

FK – Sr. Editor

Thanksgiving is the ultimate Reagan holiday. It’s essentially a big Sunday dinner, which we know they love! But we can’t get through a Thanksgiving dinner without some drama because after all, this is television.

During Thanksgiving 2011, someone has a heart attack, Erin finds out more details about Jacob the art agent, Renzulli admits an addiction, Jamie reflects on life (a bit…), and Danny and Jackie are assigned to a case of family drama like you’ve never seen.

Renzulli’s addiction: After the first bizarre “I need to take this call in private,” I knew Renzulli was either on drugs or in debt to a bookie. It took about two seconds to figure out it was a gambling issue and not drugs and Jamie wants to help him. Without giving the guy’s name, Jamie tells Frank he wants to help this guy but Frank says it would ruin his undercover assignment. That being said, Frank offers up the money. Obviously a smart man, Frank calls in Renzulli and tells him he thinks “Jamie” has a problem and asks Renzulli to keep an eye on him (okay, the speech was more intense than that..). Renzulli is obviously touched and scared all at once that Jamie went to Frank and the Reagan family has helped him out.

Suicide or Murder: While joking about parade duty, Jamie and Renzulli hear a loud scream and see a woman has fallen to hear death. Danny and Jackie are assigned the case (of course…) and assume suicide at first. After the initial search of her apartment, they decide her daily activities, preparations for Thanksgiving and lack of suicide note means foul play. They interview her family and meet her hostile brother and religious family. For a quick minute, they assume honor killing, but the parents quickly say no way so they move on to the boyfriend. His story is way too nicely packaged, including a trip to Radio City Music Hall with his perfect-looking parents, who back up his story. However, when they show the perfect parents a picture of his girlfriend, they say it’s not the girl they met. They take out their own picture and – gasp – it’s the victim’s sister!! Back to the family’s apartment for more questions…and the brother is back at accusing everyone for everything, including his own sister for being a “stupid slut.” Classy. She breaks down and says the boyfriend was going to break the news to her sister earlier in the morning and the Radio City story was a cover up. The dynamic duo look into it and find out yep, it was all a story – and the parents were in on it! The charming boyfriend admits he broke the news, he got shoved, he shoved back and shoved too hard, pushing his (ex)girlfriend accidentally out the window.

Erin’s new boyfriend is Robin Hood: Erin decides to send Jacob to voicemail, only to find him right behind her and Nicky while they’re walking (because that happens all the time in NYC). Nicky seems to like Jacob but Erin is standoffish, especially when she finds a detective snapping pictures of them together. She calls him in to her office and he tells her Jacob is an art thief. Instead of keeping quiet about it, Erin confronts Jacob who admits to taking the art but he’s not a thief, he’s more like Robin Hood. He’s helping retrieve art that was stolen by the Nazis be returned to their rightful owners. He won’t stop either. Jacob tells Erin he will walk away from her, no questions asked … but she doesn’t tell him to.

Linda to the rescue: While beginning to make Thanksgiving dinner, Henry has a heart attack. Thank goodness Linda was with him to call 911 (or just look around panicked, like we saw…). Loving the holiday more than anything in the world, when he wakes up, he just wants to know if he can still have Thanksgiving (so we know he’ll be okay!). One by one, each of the Reagan family members are called to come to the hospital. The most poignant call is to Frank, who is meeting with the Mayor and is interrupted by his assistant. He doesn’t even need to take the call when she tells him Linda is on the phone and it’s a family emergency. He simply says “which hospital?” and “who is it?” once again proving how amazing Tom Selleck (and the writers) are! The whole family gathers at the hospital while Henry has an angioplasty, which goes fine. He is going to be fine although he has to stay in the hospital through Thanksgiving. Not to be without his festive dinner, the Reagan’s bring the whole feast to Henry in the hospital cafeteria, with all the trimmings! Henry gives thanks for his family and his doctor.

What a great episode! We had all the players and they brought their game (oh, punny)! Jamie reflecting back on his life with Sydney, although brief, was a nice touch when he was standing guard over the girl’s body. It was a bit awkward to have Danny try to distract him with talk of the Thanksgiving Day football game but I understand what he was trying to do. I found it weird that Erin acts like she doesn’t like Jacob but she won’t let him go. Unless she’s keeping him around to help “catch” him, I’m not sure. That one is hard to read. I’m going to miss this show while it’s on break (however short or long it is). Blue Bloods has been number one in the ratings the last few weeks and I can’t wait to see what comes next! So, that’s what I’ve got to say. Let us know what you think. Leave your two cents below!

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