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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – The Job

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Blue Bloods
The Job

Original Air Date: Feb 3, 2012

FK – Sr. Editor

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, I found it totally appropriate the Reagan’s family dinner end with the gang watching a Jets game (J-E-T-S … JETS JETS JETS!), made even more ironic by the fact that Bridget Moynahan (Erin) is Tom Brady’s baby mama. It would have been better had they been watching the actual Superbowl (they can make that stuff up…), but I understand for accuracy purposes, they’re trying to keep it real. Although, the Jets haven’t played in a while, so…

I digress. This week had two distinct stories: Frank dealing with his past (specifically memories of 9/11) when an old friend is on his deathbed and Danny dealing with his family nearly getting killed. He makes it his personal business to find the gunman, even though Linda asks him to take himself off the case. Which is more important? The job or his family?

After the big win by the Jets, Linda, Danny and the kids are driving home when a man runs out in front of their car and Danny hits him. When he goes out to help him, a masked man tells Danny to back away or he’ll shoot. Danny goes for his ankle gun and they shoot at each other! Danny hits the guy in the arm and bullets fly into Danny’s car, barely missing the boys. AH! I lost my breath there for a minute. Linda is beyond upset and that’s understandable. The victim winds up being a child molester (Carl Patrick) staying at a halfway house near Danny’s house. He tells Danny he got help and he’s healed. Obviously Danny doesn’t understand but he has a job to do. He believes it was the victim’s father, named Bruce. Not only did he see him before he was attacked but he received a pretty morbid note attached to black roses. Creeper. But Bruce didn’t do it, he admits to the flowers and note, even following Carl. But he doesn’t have the bullet wound. Jackie and Danny decide to go to the halfway house to see if anyone else outside the building could have done it. While watching the building, Linda calls and tells Danny that Jack came home from school early because he can’t stop crying – he’s been traumatized from the shooting. Danny is devastated.

Danny’s plan to make his son feel safer is to teach him about guns. Linda is so upset about this and essentially asks him to not be a cop anymore. Jackie digs into the local police department record’s and finds out a girl was robbed by a man that looked just like Carl. They assume it’s a case of mistaken identity. In a twist of irony, the father of the girl is a friend of Danny’s (since he is from the neighborhood and all…). Linda runs into the mother who is upset over Linda not using her family connections for not helping shut down the Halfway House. When watching the neighborhood trash being picked up, Danny has the bright idea to go through his neighbor’s trash for a DNA sample. Since it’s on the curb, it can be searched without a warrant. Wayne (the neighbor) finally shows Danny his arm, showing he was the one who shot at him.

Frank is acting weird, lying to his staff about is whereabouts. He tells Garrett he’s having an affair to get him off his back (although he was about as convincing as Rebecca Black being a legit singer…) when really he was in therapy discussing where he was on 9/11. The therapist suggests he take medication for his stress but he says “Reagan’s don’t take drugs.” Just as Frank opens up about what’s bothering him (he gets in about two sentences), he shuts down and leaves. He winds up confiding in Henry about his former partner, who is dying from complications of breathing the air on 9/11, which seems to help. He goes to visit John on his deathbed, updating him on all that’s happened. Frank gives the eulogy at John’s funeral, beginning with “On 9/11, I was with a hero…”

Instead of a family dinner, the Reagan’s go to John’s funeral together. Before leaving, Danny gives Linda his badge, saying he loves being a cop but nothing is more important than his family. Aw. Linda tells him she doesn’t want him to quit.

Thoughts from the episode:
Is it new information that Danny and Linda live in Staten Island?
Molly Price finally comes to Blue Bloods. YAY! (Third Watch fans understand the excitement…)
Tom Selleck gets more and more amazing each week.
Frank checking in with Linda after the incident was great. And standing by Danny’s actions was in character, hopefully making Linda feel at ease. She did, after all, marry a Reagan.
Not a lot of Jaime. Or Erin.
I read somewhere Blue Bloods was the first television drama allowed to film at the 9/11 Memorial. That’s a huge honor.

Another stellar episode. Stories flowed, everything made sense and we learned more about Frank, which I love. But those are my two cents, what are yours? Leave them below!

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