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Blue Bloods – Recap & Review – The Life We Chose

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Blue Bloods
The Life We Chose

Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2012

FK – Sr. Editor

“We keep trying to protect you from the harsh reality of this life we chose.” – Henry Reagan

Cops know the risk of their job, or “hazards of their occupation.” But it never gets easier when a fellow cop is killed (or hurt). In tonight’s episode, it’s not just another cop who is killed – it’s a close friend of Danny’s. Everyone deals with their grief differently and Danny and Jackie vow to find the killer.

Danny, Jackie and some fellow undercover detectives are on a big case, taking down a drug dealer. While getting ready, Danny and one of the other detectives discuss his child’s baptism and how Linda was excited to be the godmother. It is obvious they were more than just coworkers so I knew something bad was going to happen. Danny and Jackie get in their car while the two undercover detectives get in a van that’s wired to bust the dealers. Things are going fine until a big truck gets in Danny and Jackie’s way and they lose track of the van. When they finally get close enough, they hear gunshots. Both cops have been shot. Danny’s friend is dead and the other detective is in bad shape.

Frank visits the detective in the hospital before he goes into surgery. Thankfully he makes it through the surgery successfully and will be okay. Frank then visits the station to show his support for the officers and tells them to bring down the killer. On the side, he calls Danny and in a conversation we don’t hear, we can just assume he tells Danny to do whatever it takes (not like Danny wasn’t going to go all out as it was…).

Thanks to some horrific in-car video (which shows the shooting), the team identifies the shooter and (somewhat) innocent dealer in the car. The shooter is a horrible guy named Phantom and the dealer was some other guy who didn’t understand why Phantom was shooting up the car. During the investigation, Jackie and Danny bring in Mr. Innocent’s mom, who helps her son and protects him, telling them she doesn’t know where he is. But they find out where he’s hiding out. Unfortunately, so did Phantom and he’s dead. She finally gives up a name of someone and the real investigating gets underway. It brings them to a really bad dealer from back in the day and it turns out he’s killing former (or current) snitches. There’s one left on the list, who was kept secret. Danny finds him and as they’re talking, he gets a text from his son that there’s a man in their apartment with a gun, waiting for him to come home. Danny goes in a side window and corners Phantom. When they are face-to-face, Danny gets a good shot in and Phantom falls out the window, landing on an arriving cop car. Fitting, right?

Elsewhere, Nicky and Henry are doing a song-and-dance routine for some show he’s in. I’ll be honest, I was too focused on the major story to remember where it was but it was nice to see the family come together at the end to watch it. Even Frank, who got called away to work, watched for a brief moment through the door. It was a nice distraction for Nicky, who was struggling with how to deal with her friend’s father’s death (obviously the entire family was close, not just Danny and Linda).

Supposedly there was a family dinner with roasted chicken but I don’t recall it. It must have been a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of dinner. But Jamie was there, which means it really was fast because he’s never around.

Next week, Frank appears to be in a relationship with a reporter who is attacked. And he takes it personally to bring her attacker down. And he has to use his gun?! Woah!

Overall, it was an intense episode and kudos to the writers and cast for brilliant work. Frank, upon receiving an update, says there have been 271 line of duty deaths since he became a rookie. It’s obvious how much Frank loves and appreciates his job, and takes everything to heart. I love this family’s passion about everything they do. According to several websites, Jamie’s undercover job is going to takeover the last few episodes of the season, so I’m going to stop asking when we’re going to see it. But in the meantime, what did you think about this episode? Was Danny too cruel to the dealer’s mother? What do you think Frank said to Danny during their call? Leave your two cents below!

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