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Bones – Recap & Review – Dwarf In The Dirt

photo- fox
photo: fox

Dwarf in the Dirt

Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2009

Karen – Sr. Staff Writer

This week, Booth is having trouble shooting accurately and wants to blame it on his brain surgery thingy. Unfortunately, Bones says he should talk to Sweets, because it is not the operation that is causing his marksmanship to be off.

When Booth goes in to ask Sweets for his opinion on what could be wrong, he is worried that Sweets is acting more like an FBI shrink rather than a friend just giving his thoughts. So, Booth visits Dr Gordon (shrink turned chef) and he wants a quick fix to get him recertified in shooting. Then Gordon talks to Sweets (it is common courtesy to at least tell the other shrink that your shrinkin’ his patient) and they decide Booth came to Gordon knowing he would talk to Sweets. Very clever! Are you lost or still with me?

Gordon ends up talking with Angela. She tells him that she noticed Booth is not as happy-go-lucky as he used to be. He is sad, actually. She feels he liked his dream and life he dreamt he had with Brennen, and misses it. Gordon asks if she believes Booth fell in love with Brennen in the dream. Angela says yes and believes Gordon believes it too. I know I do!

Gordon and Sweets talk. Gordon asks why he didn’t publish his book. Gordon thinks it’s because Booth and Brennen won’t like the ending. The ending says Booth and Brennen are in love, and how could he (Sweets) publish it so all could see, what these two cannot. Bravo guys…bravo!

Sweets theory: Brennen armors herself from intense levels of emotion, like love, because of her childhood trauma. Booth is sensitive to her vulnerability therefore if he acts upon his feelings, it would be like an assault on her. His not shooting straight, is a result of this.

My favorite car scene, shows Brennen trying to be more humorous and easy going…..uh, lets just say, she is trying.

In the end Booth visits Gordon at his eatery and they sit together and have a little heart to heart. Gordon flat out, tells Booth that he is in love with Bones. Booth tries to say it won’t work or she doesn’t feel the same way, blah blah blah… but in the end, the heart wants what the heart wants. Yea, so don’t fight it!

Gordon also tells him that if he wants to shoot well, take Bone’s with him to the shooting event. He won’t want to fail in front of her.

Booth takes Bones and passes with flying colors. That’s our Boothy! He just needed to show his stuff, in front of her…how sweet!

As for the case: It was about a midget wrestler (their words not mine) that dies. He is found in a sink hole all green and stuff . All the clues gave the effect he was a Leprechaun. Maybe they should have aired it in March. Anyways, the brother killed him, I know …what is with these people? What happened to happy families?

So, what did you think of the episode? I like Dr Gordon and Sweets together, how about you? Did you like the writers explanation of how they feel and how they got there? Let me know.


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