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Bones – Recap & Review – Lady on the List

photo: fox
photo: fox
Lady on the List

Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2013

Colleen – Senior Reviewer

As we begin this week’s episode, we see that the victim has already been discovered and the team is looking to retrieve the body. Bones and Booth are on the side of a cliff with rock climbing gear looking at the decomposed body of what is believed to be a male. Did this person have an accident or was it murder? We are about to find out!

While they are on the side of the cliff, Bones mixes pleasure with business. She keeps going between discussing the victim and her findings with the wedding. Bones is the only one I know that can discuss disgusting findings while talking about pigs in a blanket. Does anyone else find that weird?

Back at the FBI office, Booth pulls Sweets in. Sweets thinks he is there to talk wedding plans, but Booth wants to introduce her to VAL – it is a computer system that is supposed to make their lives easier when evidence is put into play. Apparently it is supposed to lead you to the killer or killers. What do you think? Would you trust this kind of technology to make such a huge decision?

There is a new SQUID at the lab. He is reading a book when he is supposed to be working. He thinks he is “Mr. Know-It-All”. Cam and Bones want him to stop reading, but since he knows everything, he wants to continue; after he stands up and points something out that nobody else has seen, he again asks to go back to his book. What is up with this guy? Why can’t he be like everyone else and do his work with the people he works with instead of sitting there reading?

We return to Booth’s office. Booth and Sweets are discussing VAL and the findings. Sweets disagrees with most of the findings. Is this VAL worth trusting? We will hopefully find out as we continue to the arrest of the killer.

Is it me or is this SQUID horrible? He completes sentences. He thinks he knows it all. He even thinks that Angela’s face-recognition tools are a waste of time. I even hate how he talks to Cam and Bones. Maybe they are all thinking he should do the job himself if he knows so much?

Before our victim came to his demise, he found out that he had Cancer and was dying. He made a series of videos that each of the team gets to look at. Their thoughts on life are somehow changed by this man, how he feels and says. His widow even thought that these videos would change someone for the better, just like what her husband was trying to accomplish. He was a real family man – he worried about his family enough to hope that it would make some money; that way, when he was gone, they would still have money to live off of.

Our victim made a bucket list – things he wanted to accomplish before he died. There was a man by the name of Ice-Man that he punched. The guy was mad that Booth brought him in for questioning. Or was he mad because he killed him? This Ice-Man said he wasn’t mad that he was punched because it was on this bucket list. What do you think? A suspect or really just annoyed he was brought in for nothing?

Sweets really hates the VAL computer system. But Bones would rather work with VAL than trust Sweets and his knowledge of humans. Unfortunately, the FBI spent millions of dollars on this computer program and they are being forced to use it. Which would you prefer: a computer program or the human brain?

We find out that the victim did not have his wife listed as an emergency contact. Why would that be? Did he just not want her to worry needlessly or was something else going on that he didn’t want her knowing?

Angela and Bones have a talk about the wedding. She still does not like Booth whatsoever after what he did by keeping what Pallant said from her. But now that Pallant is gone, don’t you think she should let go of that and just be happy for Bones and Booth; especially since Angela is going to be a part of the wedding?

Booth and Sweets go and talk to a friend of the victim – someone who was assisting him with the bucket list that was put together. He claims that they were tight, but Booth asks where he was on the night of the murder. There is a ticket stub to prove that he had been at a movie. But is it really his ticket stub? He claims that he paid in cash, however his alibi is blown when it is discovered that the stub was bought with a credit card and not by him! He pulled it out of the trash somewhere near the theater to make others think he was there! Where was he? Did he kill our victim?

VAL says that there is an 86% chance that this woman by the name of Lena Silver. She was a bookkeeper for the school where the victim worked – that is until she was convicted of embezzling money. That makes for a good motive to kill, don’t you think?

“Mr Know It All” and Bones talk about the fracturing in the head. They cannot seem to decide what kind of fracture it is and when it occurred. There just seem to be too many factors to take into account.

Bones and Booth head to see this Lena Silver. She lives next door to a tire place. This was what was found by Hodgins earlier. When Lena comes to the door, she has something in her hands that could be used as a weapon; she claims it is bad neighborhood, but is that really her reason? She is immediately taken in for questioning.

Lena claims at one point that she wanted to kill our victim – that is, before she went into counseling and heard the videos that the victim made. All in all, they still have to hold her until the pipe she had been holding is found to not be the murder weapon.

Angela finds that the pipe is not a match. This puts Lena in the clear for murder. So, VAL was 86% WRONG! So much for VAL, right?

Bones is really found to be somewhat of a dreamer. She has had a picture of her dream wedding dress since she was a kid. Now to see if it can be made in time. What do you think? Can it be made in time?

So it turns out that our victim was poisoned. There is arsenic in the bird that Hodgins has been working with. Apparently this explains a lot of what has happened with our victim. So, now we know the “what”, but we still need to know the “who” and the “why”. What do you think? Do you have an idea yet as to who and why this guy was killed?

Bones tells the victim’s wife that she was the one who killed her husband. She gave him homeopathic medication. She is genuinely upset by this accusation. Is Bones right? Did the wife do it?

We finally have our killer! The man who was helping our victim by videotaping everything was the one who did it! He hit the victim over the head with a bag of quarters. Quarters, really? It sounds about right with the deductions that Bones is now able to make. He claimed that he was at the movies, but the stub tells us otherwise – he was lying! His motive? Money; money that he was not getting even though the videos were starting to make a profit. There is an admission that he did it, but he didn’t mean to kill, only hurt.

In the end, we get our killer and VAL is removed from the FBI office. I guess the old noggin is better than any computer program!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you know who did it before the end of the show? Any additional thoughts?

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