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Bones – Recap & Review – Prisoner In The Pipe

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Prisoner in the Pipe

Original Air Date: Apr 2, 2011

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Well, I know that the fans have waited a long time for Bones to finally come back…but I think it fell just a bit shy of being a really good episode. I loved that we now have a new future Squint, but the storyline was kind of boring for me. It seems I just waited all night for the labor to start. I think I would have loved to see a longer labor process to add to the intensity of the show.

Let’s get started on what happened in the show and see what your opinions are about what happened or didn’t happen, ok?

The show starts out with a dad bribing his daughter to use the toilet. As she goes into the bathroom, screams are heard and we soon see an eyeball floating in the toilet bowl along with other items not recognizable. I think we just set this kid back 3 yrs on the toilet training. Wasn’t she a bit old anyways?
But I did smile as Cam was grabbing bits and pieces with tongs as if she was at a carnival game.

The main disagreement between Booth and Bones was that he wants her to give birth in a hospital and she wants to give birth at home. I think Booth was a bit over the top as he wigged out at the diner over the coffee situation. Chill out Booth, she is the one giving birth, do whatever makes her happy. She agrees to have the baby baptized if she can deliver at home.

Creepy mention of the night goes to Daisy when she claimed to be a doula (labor coach). Let’s just say I was happy to hear Brennan say she won’t let her near her. Usually I like how quirky Daisy could be, but that is just weird. Another awkward moment is when she seduces Lance in the office. Why does she ALWAYS do that? But I had to giggle when she said “Your nose is growing, Pinocchio”, um…I don’t think that’s what was growing on Lance at that moment.

The victims’ remains show that they came from the Jamestown Prison and so our dynamic duo head out to see what they can discover. They find out he was an accountant and was in for financial fraud, but yet was hired to do the wardens books. He was later found killed with a shiv made of paper from a cookbook.

I did love how concerned Booth was about getting Bones home and away from the prison. He noticed she was tired, but unfortunately she was determined to solve the case and she did just that! Labor came immediately afterwards and they rushed out of there. Was I happy how they went about setting the scene of the labor? Not really.

They stop at an Inn where there is no rooms available, and end up delivering in the stable. Was this to be a Christmas episode or something? Baby Bones is born and her name is Christina Angela.

The squints welcome them home and everyone loves the baby. Now comes the part I loved best. I was smitten with Boreanaz as he looked truly in love with his new daughter, partner in life, and all his friends around him. David did a wonderful acting job in this scene if you ask me.

Well, that was our episode of the night. Did you love it, hate it or were you just anxious to see the new arrival? Leave me your twocents in the comments.

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