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Bones – Recap & Review – The Spark in the Park

photo: fox
photo: fox
The Spark in the Park

Original Air Date: Dec 6, 2013

Colleen – Senior Reviewer

A couple finds a dead body in a park. They are trying to take pictures for the authorities – and so that their kids will believe them when their parents tell them about what happened. Of course, the woman is criticizing everything that the man does. Apparently this lady has seen too many crime shows. On their way to safety out of the rain, the body gets hit by lightning! Will this hamper the investigation? What happened to this person and how did they end up in the park? We are about to find out….

The woman that stole Cam’s identity, a former college roommate, has been found. Booth is on his way to interrogate the woman when he gets the call that there is a case. Cam wants him to interrogate her first, but he says that he does not care if she waits. On the way out, there is a confrontation with the woman that stole Cam’s identity and Cam manages to hit her in the face before Booth can pull her to go with him.

Bones is very interested in how the victim, who is a female, was destroyed by the lightning that hit her. The body, according to Hodgins, has been there for three days and is possibly a teenager of around sixteen or seventeen years of age. It is also found that they will be looking for another location where the murder happened.

A locket is found among the affects. This may help identify the victim, if not the family that this young woman belongs. Was there physical abuse of the victim? Did one or both of her parents’ murder, or was it someone else? Sweets thinks that with the way the victim was carefully placed that one parent did the abuse while the other one placed her in the park after she died. We find that the father is a professor who had reported his daughter missing three days prior. He is in disbelief that she is dead. The wife is also dead; she died of breast cancer the year before, so that blows their theory of abuse by both parents or knowledge of it by one parent or the other.

Our young victim was a gymnast. This could explain for some of her injuries. So was it gymnastics that caused it or abuse? Booth and Sweets want to look into their theories and talk to those who know her, but it seems that Bones wants to take sides with the father. Is she having empathy for the father, with the death of the wife and daughter only a year apart? Did anyone think that she could be capable of empathy?

We find out what caused her injuries. Our victim had a gymnastics accident seven weeks prior. The coach did not seem to be concerned that she had been missing from the gym as he told her to stay off of it until the following week. Apparently, as it sounds to me, the accident may have been caused by another athlete that there was competition between. They were supposedly friends. Could this girl be our number one suspect now? After this, Bones goes to visit the father. Bones admits to him that there are some that think that it was him that killed her. But she definitely is exhibiting the ability to have empathy. Are Booth and Christine softening her? Is the victim’s father really contemplating suicide, unable to feel as if he can go on without her?

Arastoo is not happy with Cam. He does not think she should charge her former roommate for stealing her identity. He tells her what he had gone through himself, but it seems to have no affect on her. Matter of fact, it makes her feel worse. What do you think? Would you have done the same thing if you were in Arastoo’s shoes?

The girl who is ranked number two in the gym that our victim is working out in tells Booth and Bones that she thinks that there are a new group of friends that our victim has been hanging out with, doing drugs, and missing her physical therapy appointments rendering her useless in the gym. Has this girl created a smokescreen to make the victim look bad so they no longer look at her for killing her teammate?

We have another couple suspects on our list now. There is a boy that she had been chatting with online and they had been talking about drugs. He admits it, and then says he will not saying anything that will incriminate him. Well, he just did that, didn’t he? So this young man and his dealer are now on the list of suspects.

But now it looks like our victim wanted to stop gymnastics and was going to tell her father the night she went missing. She wanted away from all the pressure. So is the father again on the suspect list? She did have an access card to her father’s building where he taught. Was she going to use it to go see her father to tell him or was she going there for some other reason? Was it planted for someone to find if she was not so it looked like that was what she was planning to do?

The father is the number one suspect, on my list at least. The father says he misplaced his access card, and then admits his daughter brought him dinner that night. Why was he lying? Bones does not think he is lying and it causes an argument outside of the interrogation room.

Cam comes face to face with her former roommate. She said it was easier to steal the identity of a friend than someone else. All this former roommate wanted was money, which she thinks Cam is made of. This former roommate thinks they are even, but that is far from the truth. This woman is unbelievable; she had been up to it for a year and thought she had nothing to pay back to Cam because of this woman’s issues. Apparently this woman needs serious help. What do you think?

We now know that the victim was killed by being strangled while on her back and against a balance beam. Bones even finds the right balance beam. A piece of tongue was also found in that same area. With the other gymnasts looking on, Bones and Booth arrest the coach for murder, even though he claims that he was home. But access cards do not lie, do they? Or was this access card missing and he was not aware of it?

Apparently all the girls had the access code for the gym! The coach made it easier for them to get into the gym after hours so that they could get the extra practice. So that gives us a lot more suspects. It also allows the girl who was number two at the gym to be a number one suspect for us.

It was her rival (or so called friend). This girl got mad when she backed out of dropping gymnastics, which they had planned to do together. Frankly, after a while she became my number one suspect. There was just too much that made me wonder if she was being truthful or not. I have to say that she really was a good liar.

Booth apologizes to Bones about how he reacted when Bones gave the father the empathy he rightly deserved. She even goes back to his classroom and sees him working on his math equations that he had given up on when his daughter died. It was her life in movement, which was something beautiful to Bones.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you have trouble keeping up with all the possible suspects and figuring out who did it like I did? What do you think about the father? Do you think he will be able to carry on without his daughter after Bones visits to him?

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