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Bones – Recap & Review – The Bullet In The Brain

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The Bullet in the Brain

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2011

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

This week we are tapped into the world of Booth as a sniper. We learn how a sniper thinks, therefore how Booth thinks. We know a sniper is the one that just pulls the trigger and does not make the morality call…unless his process was destroyed.

We also see our brilliant shrink doubt himself after Taffet got into his head and messed with his psyche.

The show started out with the Gravedigger (Taffet) in the police van messing with Sweets head, telling him he is the weakest link. Then comes the best death the show has ever given us! As Taffet is standing in the crowd, a sniper bullet blows her head clean off! We rarely, if ever, get to see the actual death happen to our victims, so this was a treat. I know that this sounds gruesome of me, but you had to see it.

Booth taps into sniper-mode and knows just how the sniper got into position to kill Taffet. Then Bones finds a bathtub in the apartment that is sealed up with plastic and duct tape. When Booth removes the plastic, a body is found decomposed in the tub and they hurry out of the room because of the smell. I wanted to gag with them, because you can almost smell it along with them. The writers outdid themselves on grossness this week.

Caroline is the person I seem to always like the best when she is on the show. This week it took her confessing to Sweets that she was scared sh#*less (literally) at the incident, to get Sweets to snap out of his slump. I love Caroline, cher`ie.

How would you feel if your child’s killer was killed? Happy? Would you pay someone for revenge of your child’s murder? The show makes you think and wonder if you would go to such extremes. Nobody seemed to grieve or really want to find who the killer was, and thought more in the way of; glad it is over and done, and now the taxpayers don’t have to pay for her jail time or death injection.

Booth tracts down an old sniper he knows and almost gets killed chasing him in the woods. But when he has the chance to pull the trigger, he can’t. He has his doubts and just can’t do it. Was Booth’s process destroyed?
But the real question is ….what is up with the starry eyed look that Booth is giving Bones out the window of the diner? So after pushing down our throats the fact Booth loves Hannah. Now he is going to actually show that he still loves Bones? About time.

Tell me your thoughts on the show. Were you glad there was no Hannah drama this week? Were you grossed out over the deaths as I was? Is Caroline the best or what?

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