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Bones – Recap & Review – The Rocker In The Rinse Cycle

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The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2010

Karen – Sr. Staff Writer

This week a death occurs during a Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp that is going on in a hotel. The guy that died is some high roller, risk taking pain in the butt that nobody liked.

This is where Angela’s ties to the rock and roll world help out in solving the case.

While investigating the remains found in a huge washing machine at the hotel, Bones tells Booth that the new tie Catherine gave him is a social contract of their relationship. Only Bones could put it that way, right? We also have Cam asking Bones who her gynecologist is, because she needs to find one for Michele. Booth feels awfully uncomfortable talking lady parts, but it only gets worse when the victims testicle come rolling out of the washer and Bones asks if he would rather talk male parts. Boy, never thought I would have to use the word testicle in my reviews!

More testicle talk happens while Booth, Sweets and Bones have coffee. The guys are really sweating through this conversation. Bones changes the subject by turning it to Booth’s dating, which Sweets in impressed that they are taking each others dating so well.

Clues lead to the Rock & Roll fantasy camp at the hotel. It is here, that Booth acts like a little kid in a candy shop and acting like a rock and roller.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Angela uses her rock knowledge to verify a piece of Mammoth tusk as the pick of a guitar user. It’s about time we incorporated her being raised by ZZ Top to be useful in a case!
We also have intern Arastoo back and talking baseball. Hodgins finds out Arastoo was a state All-Star baseball player. He asks Hodging if he would like to play, they do let non-Muslims play…if he can prove who the killer is. 🙂 Now, let’s just say I was glad my favorite team was mentioned (Cleveland Indians) but unfortunately it was in mention of the worst baseball player….ever…John Gochnaur, who only had a 187 batting average. But hey, we still got mentioned!

Cam has a talk with Michele over how she is growing up and her body is changing and she is becoming a woman. Cam wants her to see Dr. Litner and be able to talk to him about anything. Michele assures her she is not having sex with Perry. In the mean time Dr. Perry asks Cam out and she accepts.

At the hotel Booth and Bones get caught in the moment and Booth drags Bones up on stage and they sing “Hot Blooded”. Let’s just say the singing was not all that good, but was definitely fun to watch as Booth has a tie around his head and Bones strums a guitar.

Angela comes through again by identifying the guitar that killed our victim. Hodgins finds this quality quite sexy.
Cam has lunch with Dr. Litner and it goes well. But, Michele finds out and tells Cam to stop sneaking behind her back. This whole conversation is quite funny because Michele is playing the roll of adult and Cam as the child. In the end, Cam decides she won’t see the good doctor, but Michele tells her to definitely see the doc but just find her another gynecologist to go to, preferably a woman.

In the end, B & B are at the diner and Bones tells Booth that their partnership is very important to her. Booth tells her it is a “die for you” partnership. Ok everybody…AWE!

So do tell…do you like how the relationship is going with B&B? What did you think of the episode? Like Dr. Litner…looks a lot like the good doctor on “Royal Pains” don’t ya think?

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