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About A Boy – Recap & Review – About a Hook

photo: nbc
photo: nbc
About A Boy
About a Hook

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2015

Jules – Managing Editor

After a week away, About A Boy returns and both our male leads have issues to deal with this week. Marcus with his mom’s new boyfriend and Will with song writing.

Will and Andy stalk music producer Idalis via minivan and speaker with his new song and guess what? He doesn’t hate it, but tells Will he can help him, but he needs to write a new hook. Andy tries to help Will, who just wants to be alone to write. Plus, Andy can’t sing or write any lyrics that make sense.

Marcus is not handling the mom dating Mr. Chris thing at all. During a paint your feelings night, Marcus paints a mountain with two climbers at the top and one at the bottom having fallen and caught on fire. Oh my.

Marcus claims they aren’t good together and wants everything to go back the way they were. Fiona fights back with saying she has needs, while Marcus says he has needs, too. But this is Fiona’s house and it’s her rules as long as he lives there. So of course Marcus moves into Will’s. “Sometimes an almost man has to do what an almost man has to do.”

Will of course hates it since he’s trying to write a hook. He goes to Fiona to take him back, but she says Marcus needs to make his own way home.

At Will’s, Marcus unleashes his frustration with the situation with Mr. Chris, while Will tells Marcus to shut up while he works on his hook. That doesn’t happen at all. Marcus takes a “shower,” but really a bath in the shower, gurgles loud, needs to be “creamed,” pokes a sleeping Will and basically drives Will crazy. I liked how Fiona leaves stuff for Marcus via the dumbweighter.

Two nights later, Will goes back to Fiona to get her to take Marcus back to no avail. Then Will gives an example of when he was a kid how his mom got his old dog (Woof-woof – and agree with Fiona, who names a dog that?) and new dog (Cassius) to get to know each other in a neutral location. So that night, Will takes Marcus out for dinner to a vegan place and yup, Mr. Chris and Fiona are there, too. Marcus is not impressed.

Marcus wants to leave, but both stay and Will causes a ruckus by making fun of Mr. Chris. I literally laughed out loud at Will trying to pronounce the words Mr. Chris was. Fiona asks Will to make an effort and when Will and Mr. Chris bond over their love of the Niners (yay!), Marcus takes it as Mr. Chris now taking his roomie/best friend to his side as well.

Later that night, Marcus tells Will that he’s upset his mom didn’t miss him since he’s been gone. Then Will takes out his phone and plays all the messages Fiona’s left since Marcus left. Marcus is moved. Fiona comes over and says that they let Will into their love bubble and it didn’t burst, so what’s one more?

With that Marcus jumps from the tree house back into his mom’s arms. Yay! Marcus begins to warm up to Mr. Chris and event invites him over for another paint your feelings night.

As for Will, he plays his new hook to Idalis and he likes it. Mention of love bubble makes me smile. Idalis does tell them to stop playing music from a van and just email him and not be creepy. Haha!

What did you think? Happy about Fiona and Marcus welcoming another person into their bubble? Mr. Chris is growing on me for sure. Share your TwoCents below!

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