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About A Boy – Top 10 Moments – About a Boyfriend

photo: nbc
photo: nbc
About A Boy
About a Boyfriend

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2015

Jules – Managing Editor

First things first, my TV says it’s the season finale, but I really hope it’s not. According to a writer for the show, there are six more episode left that have been shot. We need to make sure they get on air, so fans of the show, make NBC know that we want the rest of the season (at the very least) because this show is funny, smart and adorable. End rant.

Tonight Marcus takes the “next step” with Shea and attempt to be boyfriend and girlfriend, while Fiona tries to be spontaneous in her relationship, which leads to interesting results.

10. LOML = Love of my life. Marcus is trying to make this the new fun acronym as he plans on asking Shea to be his girlfriend.

9. Will and Fiona plan their own ways to comfort Marcus as they expect him to be rejected. Will cooks ribs, while Fiona prepares a grieving robe.

8. Shea says yes to being Marcus’ girlfriend and thinks that Will’s made congratulatory ribs and that the robe is a victory robe.

7. Marcus as boyfriend means boyfriend tasks from Shea. Hilarious seeing Marcus complete the list (which I had to pause to read – mostly homework, cleaning locker and buying lunch), especially the cleaning locker and carrying the books.

6. Marcus realizing he’s turning into Andy! Hahaha!

5. Will being confused by the “mom speak.” Who really says “jelly” instead of jealous? From the conversation, Will does learn that Shea is dating Marcus to make her ex who works at the fro-yo shop jealous. Hence the use of jelly.

4. Marcus interpreting SLUT as Slooot. LOL. On their first date at the fro-yo place, Shea’s ex gives him a cup with the wrong name.

3. Marcus gets his first kiss. Marcus defends Shea saying she’s beautiful, kind and amazing to her ex and gets punched, which makes Shea realize that Marcus is for real. And since an employee punched him, Will agrees to a lifetime of free frozen yogurt instead of suing. I quite enjoyed the giant smile on Marcus’ face post kiss.

2. Fiona and Chris get arrested. Fiona doesn’t think she can do anything on the whim like Chris, so plans a truffle hunting adventure “oh a whim” that leads to skinny dipping at a hot springs (really a wildlife preserve) and getting booked on trespassing. Whoops!

1. Fiona lectures Will on being a rubbish chaperone (since he doesn’t keep her skinny dipping arrest to the grave). Fiona calls him Sasquatch and says his eyebrows need some cleaning up and that his hair’s too big and it’s not the humidity, amongst other things. Ha!

What did you think? Like Marcus and Shea together? Fiona trying to be spontaneous? Enjoyed all the Fiona and Will moments. They just play off each other so well. Share your TwoCents below and cross fingers for more episodes soon! Or sign this petition to NBC.

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