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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Recap & Review – Charges and Specs

photo: fox
photo: fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Charges and Specs

Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2014

Laura Linick – TwoCents Reviewer

The season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine begins with Peralta buying the bar a round of drinks and announcing: “My name’s Jake Peralta and I just got fired from the NYPD.” Okay, I’m hooked.

We jump back one week earlier and wonder how Boyle looking like he just walked out of the Matrix leads to Peralta getting fired. It doesn’t—Vivian broke up with Boyle and apparently a depressed Boyle looks like Neo and eats an uncomfortable amount of hard-boiled eggs.

The Police Commissioner is in the Captain’s office and Peralta is called in to answer questions about his investigation of Lucas Wint, upstanding citizen. Peralta knows he’s tied to money laundering but can’t prove it. He’s told to drop the case, but continues his investigation anyway. The Commissioner puts Peralta on administrative leave and he has to go to hearing.

The Captain and Santiago help Peralta find evidence that Wint is really corrupt by going undercover at a ballroom dancing contest, naturally. The Captain, unsurprisingly, is an amazing ballroom dancer, just as he is amazing at pretty much everything: flirting with women, pulling off sequins, stoicism, etc.

Meanwhile, after giving Boyle some terrible advice for getting over a breakup that results in a third degree burn and a smashed testicle, the rest of the 99th precinct gang stalls the panel for Peralta’s hearing. Peralta finds evidence to clear his name and is just about to get to the hearing in time when the Captain asks Peralta to get himself fired, which he is exceedingly effective at accomplishing.

It turns out the FBI has also been investigating Wint and they want Peralta to go undercover to bring him down. There are moles in the department, which is why he needed to get fired. We learn Peralta may be undercover for six months (covering the season break, perhaps?). When he’s leaving the precinct he runs into Santiago and confesses: “I kinda wish something could happen between us, romantic stylz.” Believe me, there’s a “z” in the way he said it, which (*cocks her head to the side*) somehow made it sweet? Eggplant emoji. Nope, there is no reason to ever use an eggplant emoji; I dare someone to prove me wrong.

But, Peralta’s awkward love confession isn’t the only cliffhanger. At the end of the episode, Boyle and Gina wake up together in the same bed. Eek! Where is this going? Leave your thoughts below.

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