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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Recap & Review – Tactical Village

photo: fox
photo: fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Tactical Village

Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2014

Laura Linick – TwoCents Reviewer

Brooklyn Nine-Nine tonight gives viewers a good mix of violence and heart, and cured my hankering for a slow-motion paint ball fight until the next finale of Community. The 99th precinct gang is off to the NYPD’s tactical village to…train tactics? It’s not important. What’s important is there are lots of cool weapons and a prize for the coolest kill.

In between paintball splats, the main characters are navigating their various romance plots. Boyle is handing out STDs (Save the Dates) for his wedding, but doesn’t give one to Diaz. Santiago runs into ex-boyfriend Teddy from another precinct and Peralta spends the entire day competing with Teddy, even breaking the course record. However, all the romance plots seem to turn sour. Diaz opens up to Boyle and says she’s hurt she wasn’t invited, but later learns it was Boyle who didn’t want her to come, rather than his fiancé. Whereas Peralta gets hurt by not communicating; he doesn’t ask Santiago out and she leaves to go out with Teddy.

Although Captain Holt and Gina had a small, unrelated side plot, I’m convinced that Captain Holt is the best straight man on television—comedic straight man, not sexual orientation straight—because he strays from the typical straight man archetype by being aware of the humor surrounding him. It takes a certain caliber of actor and some pretty ingenious writing to make deadpan and stoicism laugh-out-loud funny. In tonight’s episode, the Captain alludes to being a robot, taunts Peralta about a child’s trophy, and says the phrase “Kwazy Cupcake” more times than a grown man should, all without cracking a smile. He is even support bits on his own (think the lineup cupcake match scene) without breaking character. Kudos!

My favorite line of the episode: “Why is this happening to me? I can taste my thoughts!”

Next Week: Fancy Brugdom

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