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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Recap & Review – Terry Kitties

photo: fox
photo: fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Terry Kitties

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2016

Laura Linick – Junior Editor

Tonight’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is chock full of flashbacks of Terry with a flattop, adorable kittens, and Amy trying to trash talk. I only had a couple laugh-out-loud moments, but it’s still worth watching. Read on to learn what happened.

When Terry first joined the police force, he made a mistake trying to solve a case, panicked, and blamed a cat. So his former team continues to send him a kitten each year as an adorable insult. Jake and Terry decide to solve the 12-year-old case to right the injustice of cat mockery.

Adrian Pimento is still at the 99, bringing his off-kilter brand of horrifying humor and traumatizing Charles in the process. Gina decides to swoop in and save him by channeling her inner wolf.

Captain Holt, Rosa, Amy all take a bomb defusing course and can’t reign in the ultra-competitiveness.

Here were my favorite moments; put yours in the comments!
• “Didn’t work. Now I have more kittens than before.” – Terry
• When they somehow made a moment of silence funny
• “I need a wolf name. Virginia Wolf.” – Charles

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