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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Recap & Top Moments – Mr. Santiago

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Mr. Santiago – s4e7

Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2016

Laura Linick – Staff Writer

Amy is hosting Thanksgiving for the squad and her very intimidating father, who Jake is meeting for the first time.

What Happened:
Jake prepares to meet Amy’s father (played by the great Jimmy Smits) and puts together an Amy-style binder of everything little detail about Mr. Santiago. Much like Amy, Mr. Santiago is a bit intense and there is a lot of information to learn, down to his preferred watchmaker. Jake stashes his binder at the party and keeps ducking out to check facts, something the former detective quickly sussed out. When Mr. Santiago reads Jake’s binder, he sees a note about an old, unsolved case and the two of them decide to investigate together.

Instead of bringing an already dead turkey to eat, Charles brings a live turkey. Gina and Rosa refuse to let Charles slaughter the bird, so they kidnap it and barricade themselves in a room with it. When the others finally break in, they set the turkey loose—which turns out to be a terrible idea. Turkeys aren’t nice.

Between Jake and Mr. Santiago fighting and off solving cases, Captain Holt and Adrian Pimento betting on dogs shows, and everyone else escaping from a loose, wild turkey in the house, I’m pretty sure they didn’t end up eating anything for Thanksgiving. How sad.

Top Moments:
1. When the whole gang does impressions of Captain Holt eating marshmallows.
2. Rosa: “Why’d you do it with a British accent?” Jake: “I feel like doing a Cuban accent would be a little dicey for me.” Rosa: “Good call.”
3. “Relax. It’s not the first turkey I’ve killed in a friend’s bathtub.” – Charles
4. The fact that, apparently, all of the Santiagos have a favorite font. I have to say, this is the first time I’ve heard a Garamond joke.
5. When the Wire Fox Terrier wins the Westminster Dog Show.
6. The angry sound the turkey makes when Charles runs out of Gouda.

These were my favorite moments. What were yours?

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