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Brothers and Sisters – Recap & Review – A Valued Family

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Brothers & Sisters
A Valued Family

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Associate Editor

Since the Olympics started last week we didn’t get an episode – or a preview. So when I was watching Desperate Housewives I got my first peak at this episode. I literally looked at the TV and said “OH NO. You are NOT going there.” Guess I just had to wait and see…

Kitty and Robert are settling in the for the night, and while Kitty is talking about the campaign, Robert is “in the mood.” Buffy (remember the friend that originally leaked Kitty’s running) keeps calling wanting to be Kitty’s political strategist/campaign manager and they both agree she is not the right person for the job. Justin and Scotty are at an art gallery (eh?) discussing what to get their significant others for Valentine’s Day while at the bar, Sarah and Kevin are discussing what she and Roy “are.” (Makes more sense now knowing everyone is there.) She doesn’t want to define what they are (but really, it’s all about Luc…we know that). Kevin suggests she’s still in love with him and she jumps to her own defense super quick. Roy tells the gang he’s going to take Sarah roller skating for Valentine’s Day and they tell her no – she broke her ankle when they were younger. When Sarah likes one of the pieces of art (which are all put out anonymously), the gallery owner sets up an introduction – surprise, it’s Luc! He tells the owner no thanks. Sarah “gets” Luc and that’s why she understands the painting. Luc watches on as her and Roy kiss. Holly tells David about the meeting with Dennis and the still-unknown hidden value of Ojai and that his proposal is a form of blackmail. She tells him she did NOT sleep with Dennis (THANK GOODNESS!) and that the deal goes through in the afternoon (meaning she sold him her shares at the lesser value). She’s afraid of the grudge the Walkers will hold against her after they find out who she sold her shares to, but is mainly afraid of the repercussions it will bring to Rebecca. David is still going on his trip. Rebecca is with Nora getting a recipe to bake brownies for Justin when she doubles over in pain and Nora calls 911. Oh writers, please don’t do this to me! I can’t handle it…

At the hospital, Nora is trying to force Rebecca to drink and she doesn’t want to. The doctor wants to hold her for observation and we still don’t know if she’s had a miscarriage or not yet. Oh come on Nora, stop talking about food poisoning on a date with William, get on with the show! All we get is a “do you want to talk about?” And then FINALLY, she tells Holly (once she gets there) that she lost the baby. Oh man, writers….I was already crying from the previews. Did you really need to do this to me? Kitty meets with Buffy who is going to be her campaign manager and asks her if she has any skeletons in her closet. Kitty says no, but I’m figuring something (the DC man?) is going to come out? Kevin sends Sarah on a hunt for something special for Roy and she is completely lost. On a Saturday, Robert gets a visit from the guy Kitty almost had an affair with last year, who has already been approached about his “relationship” with her. Paige is telling Sarah about her “valentine,” which was pre-assigned to her by the teacher but she likes another boy in class. Aw! Great advice from Sarah when Paige says she likes a boy who makes her feel like she’s gonna barf when she’s around him but the boy she was assigned to will just say thank you when she gives him the valentine. “There’s a lot to be said about a boy who says thank you.” I love that!

Holly and Nora are sitting in the waiting room and they bond over their love for Rebecca. They refer to each other as family and the bond they have over their children and Ojai and you can see on Holly’s face she is in turmoil over her decision on what to do about the decision she made. At first, Robert doesn’t believe Alec but then they decide to work together to see who is behind the “smear” campaign. Alec says he did not sleep with Kitty. I think it’s Buffy and she’s the devil! She even says Scotty isn’t fit to stand on the stage when they make the announcement that she’s running. She wants someone familial to be up-front with her (Uncle Saul was the front-runner until Buffy found out he was gay…) and there are all of these “rules” Buffy has. Kitty gets a call in the middle of all of this about Rebecca and says she is leaving when Buffy asks about Holly and tells Kitty that Holly sold her shares of the company. Justin is trying to console Rebecca but she doesn’t want to talk. She just wants to go home and forget it all ever happened. Man, I would’ve thought Justin would be jumpin for joy, but, I guess he really does have a heart.

At the hospital, Kitty tells them about Holly but it’s hard to thinking about that when everyone is thinking about Rebecca. Kitty tells Justin about her experience and what she went through. It’s nice to see Justin finally have emotion over anything to do with Rebecca. At Ojai, Sarah, Saul and Nora have found out everything they could about what Holly did. Dennis used a company name to cover up his own and they don’t know it’s him yet. Alec and Robert awkwardly sit and wait for the person to come and Alec asks how Kitty is doing with her cancer when Alec shares the story about his wife dying, which is what bonded he and Kitty to begin with. Robert thanks Alec for being there for Kitty when they were in a bad place with each other. OH I WAS RIGHT!!! Buffy walks in the door. Roy brings Sarah her Valentine’s Day present – Luc’s painting. Then tells her things aren’t working out. So, a $500 painting and a kick to the curb? That makes sense! They agree to be friends and that she should keep the painting. :SIGH: So much for a mature relationship for Sarah. I hear Luc’s footsteps, do you? GR!

Robert rips into Buffy and Kitty defends her but tells her to come to her next time she wants to do something like this again. She puts Buffy to work by telling her she is going to announce her candidacy from Nora’s house the very next day (Valentine’s Day!). Kitty calls Valentine’s Day her and Robert’s “Sexiversary…” Apparently that’s when they first had sex? Anyway, Nora goes to Ojai and sees Holly. Holly says she stopped the sale from going through after Nora gave her the “we’re family” speech at the hospital. When Holly tells Nora the person was Dennis and that he knows something about the value of Ojai, Nora gets a panicked look on her face and says “that changes everything.” Justin comes home to Rebecca baking his brownies and he brings her home every one of her favorite items to eat. She refuses to eat any of it until she finishes baking the brownies and he tells her he left her present at the hospital. She says she can wait until next year. Okay, um, sure.

Everyone is gathered at Nora’s for Kitty’s announcement complaining about Valentine’s Day (well, Sarah…). Justin and Rebecca come but when she sees Kitty and Evan she gets all … well, you know … and Kitty says she is there for her if she needs. Robert says he is going to sit in the front row and let Kitty have her moment. Sarah goes to the gallery to pay for the painting on her own and Luc comes out and says it’s his painting. Oh I could go into detail about their conversation but pretty much it’s just them being sappy and they kiss and say they miss each other.

OMG NEXT WEEK!!!!! It’s one of the classic Walker episodes … Luc is marrying for his green card and Sarah tries to stop him, Kitty practices shooting a gun and forgets to take it off when her and Sarah go to the courthouse to stop Luc from getting married … oh YAY, no tears!!

Okay, so Rebecca and Justin are dunzo (just my opinion). She’s going to have major issues with this whole thing and no one will be able to crack her. Buffy is bad news and just wait until she dives into the Walker family history. I’m glad Holly changed her mind but seriously WHAT is the deal with Dennis? I guess this is where the flashback episodes will come from in a few months. I’m glad next week will be a funny back-to-normal Walker episode because too many tears for me!! What did you think? Leave you two cents below!

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