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Brothers and Sisters – Recap & Review – If You Bake It, He Will Come

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Brothers and Sisters
If You Bake It, He Will Come

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Associate Editor

We learned so much last week. I think my brain burst a little bit, even. Nora was helping keep William’s secret (actually, Kevin’s) for over 25 years, Kevin began dealing with something he did as a young teen (and stopped talking to Nora), Holly and Nora joined forces to find Narrow Lake (aka Nora Walker), Justin and Rebecca got married, Michelle gave it a second round at getting pregnant for Scotty and Kevin (although off screen), Tommy stuck around, Kitty is Cancer-free and York is still around creeping everyone out. This week it’s Kevin’s birthday and he refuses to go to his own birthday party. But more importantly, we might get to find out what big secret job Robert might get.

It’s Kevin’s birthday and he wakes up and wants to run, much to Scotty’s dismay. He’s turning 39 and has been working out a lot (being frantic as Scotty calls it). Kevin (well, Matthew Rhys…) sounds odd in this opening scene. The two of them are anxiously waiting Michelle’s call about her implantation. The phone rings just then but it’s Nora, not Michelle. Kevin isn’t going to his birthday dinner but he hasn’t told Nora yet. Scotty tries to reason with Kevin but he still can’t believe how Nora lied to him for so long. Kevin’s plans for the day are his run, lunch with Tommy and Justin and then he wants to go out alone with Scotty. Sarah (and Luc) are sending the kids off to school, all cute and family-like. Luc wants to be frisky but Sarah doesn’t have time. She also sees that he has started packing up his stuff, although Luc says he’ll be back before they know it. He’s leaving in two weeks and Sarah doesn’t want to think about it. Nora calls Sarah and she doesn’t answer either. Luc says he knows the Walkers enough to know Kevin will come around. Nora is complaining to Tommy that everyone is ignoring her but she believes Kevin will come and asks Tommy to call Kevin and tell him how excited he is about the dinner (and to have everyone do the same thing). At Ojai, Rebecca, Tommy and Sarah are talking about Kevin’s dinner when Holly and Saul come in to talk about the business going under and how there is no money. Holly and Saul tell them they have to take York’s deal when Rebecca asks Holly about the $2 million. No one else knows about the money but Holly refuses to use the money because it’s Rebecca’s. Sarah wants to use the money but Holly doesn’t want to because she wants to protect her family. Tommy makes the point Ojai is a family business and Rebecca is part of the Walker family now and everyone is in it together. Sarah starts to make some phone calls to find them money. Scotty visits Nora who is starting to cook this super uber fancy meal (what the heck is squab??) and Scotty is trying to convince her to not cook the big meal, knowing Kevin isn’t going to come. She tells him to have faith and that she will always be there for her son. She also has a feeling inside that Michelle is pregnant. Just has that feeling. She convinces him to join in the cooking by baking the cake because “if you bake it, he will come.”

Kitty is feeding Evan when Robert comes in. He says he has some things to do in LA and Nora calls – she ignores the call just like everyone else. Robert tells Kitty he’s going to LA for a job interview, a super secret job. It’s in DC (not the Middle East like Kitty was worried about) and he has to pass a physical and meet the President for approval. He suggests that since she’ll probably win her race, they should sell their house and move to DC. Kitty tells him he’ll have to deal with Nora, which is worse than meeting with the president. Kevin and Tommy meet up with Justin for lunch. How did he go from failing medical school to being in a white coat at a hospital seeing patients? Anyway, the three of them eat bad hospital food and discuss meeting with Dennis York. Tommy is going to see him and Kevin says he wants to come since he’s a lawyer and Justin wants to go since he’s part of the family to show solidarity. Tommy’s plan is to let him know they found out about Narrow Lake but not let him know they are broke. Meanwhile, Sarah is working hard at getting money and is coming up empty. She’s frustrated and Luc is packing, slowly, in front of her, so she starts throwing his things in boxes. She walks out.

Sarah is at Nora’s pacing back and forth while trying to get a loan when Kitty walks in. She didn’t even notice the kitchen was filled with all the ingredients for Kevin’s dinner. Nora comes in and tells them not to bother telling her Kevin isn’t coming but they do it anyway. Nora tells them she knows he’s not coming but she’s still putting together the dinner. Her phone goes off with a text but she mistakenly picks up Kitty’s. It’s Robert saying to pack her bags, the interview went great. Kitty tells Nora the job is in DC and Nora assumes Kitty would leave Evan with her while the two of them fly back and forth. Kitty tells her no, they’re just going to move. Nora says she understands and it doesn’t seem to bother her. Sarah rants to her that chopping carrots isn’t important right now and lists off what’s going on around her and Nora leaves. Saul tells Holly that one of their clients was paid in full and Holly finds out that Rebecca transferred the $2 million into the Ojai account. She’s fuming mad. Scotty comes back from the market and tells Kitty and Sarah it’s like they killed the tooth fairy (funny line!). They bust out the wine when Nora comes back downstairs and tells them to put down the wine and get cooking because the carrots (and celery) are what matter. Love Sarah’s response: “I’ll live in your fantasy world, it’s better than my reality.” The boys meet up with York, who is in major creeper mode.

York starts talking about William and Tommy cuts him off (not before York says Justin is only there to pour the coffee). York is just evil. I like the lighting in this dark. Tommy tells York they found Narrow Lake. Kevin offers York 20% of the profits if he tells them what Narrow Lake is but York says it’s too low. Kevin and York are going at it individually and York says William kept the Aaron secret because he thought he was weak. WEAK. Kevin gets quiet and York says the deal is off and leaves. Not before going on a rant about their debt and how they’re going to fail. Holly goes to Nora’s to confront Sarah about the $2 million. She assumes Sarah convinced Rebecca to transfer the money over, all the while Sarah was talking about fluffing pillows and Kevin’s dinner. Rebecca walks in and says the geological survey of Narrow Lake arrived which is super big news. In the kitchen, Scotty is feverishly beating the cake batter waiting for Michelle’s call. The phone rings but it’s Robert for Kitty, asking her to come to his office. Kitty tells Scotty she knows his next call is going to be good. I guess they’re all psychics now? The girls are all looking over the survey and are kind of confused. Tommy shows up to tell them about meeting with York. Tommy tells Nora that Kevin was with them and Nora finally admits that Kevin isn’t going to come to dinner and tells everyone to go home.

Holly gets home and Rebecca follows her in. Holly is upset over the money and Rebecca tells her she should have been thinking about her future instead of giving her the money. Doesn’t Holly remember Rebecca didn’t even want the money to begin with? Holly is afraid of losing Rebecca over the money if the business goes under and the money is gone. Nora is putting all the food away when Kevin shows up. He tells her that he went to York and asks him if William thought he was weak and if that’s the reason they kept the Aaron secret. Nora says he was sensitive and tender but not weak and that William was afraid of him because Kevin knew who he was while William didn’t. Kevin tells her he didn’t know himself and he fought with Aaron that night because of the almost-kiss and he didn’t want anyone to know about him being gay. But Nora knew. She says that Kevin’s face would light up every time Aaron would come around or he would talk about him. Nora didn’t talk to him about it because it was a different time and she didn’t want Kevin to deal with something before he was ready for it. Nora calls him brave and that she wasn’t brave enough to tell him about Aaron before. He says he wants to talk about it, but it will take a long time. Seriously, Matthew and Sally … AMAZING in this scene. Kudos.

Everyone is gathering back at Nora’s since dinner is on and Luc shows up with a present. He tells Sarah he unpacked his boxes and is going to leave his belongings at her house so they’re all there when he comes back. And that he’s going to buy a round trip ticket instead of a one way ticket. Wahoo for Sarah. Kitty shows up at Robert’s office, who is looking at “post attack healthcare” information on the web. He tells her he didn’t get the job because of his heart arrhythmia (thank goodness for spell check on that one!). Nora calls and tells them to come down to the house for Kevin’s dinner. Kitty says they should go home but Robert says they should go to the dinner and be happy. Everyone is a funny mood and making stupid toasts. Like to the worst birthday ever, the worst investments, Luc going back to France and may never come back, Saul coming out of the closet at 70 and how he should just go back in (really funny stuff!). Michelle calls and we all wait. Justin has missed the boat and is talking to Nora about making up with Kevin and Kevin and Scotty find out that Michelle is “half way” pregnant. Everyone celebrates! Nora lights the candles on the cake that Scotty made (see, he baked it and Kevin came!).

Next week … there’s a fortune teller! Sarah takes a pregnancy test, Justin is staring long and hard at his military uniform, Nora’s mother is back and there’s a fire!

This episode was absolutely fabulous and such a great continuation from last week. I’m glad they didn’t have Holly go all shady with the $2 million and that she was just concerned for Rebecca. Holly is really becoming a good person, such a turnaround from when we first met her. I loved that Nora kept her faith until the very end and Kevin proved her right. Still not sure how they’re gonna get rid of Rob Lowe, although I’m sure now they’ll have him do something with healthcare. What about Luc leaving? And Scotty and Kevin might get their baby! But with Roxy Olin (Michelle) over on The City, will we get a new Michelle or an off-screen pregnancy? Leave your two cents below!

Funny line of the night: “Narrow Lake. A funny name for a lake…without a lake.” – Luc

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