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Camelot Cancelled!

It’s officially time to mourn. On June 30 it was announced that the period drama Camelot will not be picked up for a second season. The series presented a dramatic retelling of the Arthurian legend from the start of young Arthur’s rise to the throne.

A statement from Starz, the network which aired the drama, explains “Due to significant production challenges, Starz has decided not to exercise the option of subsequent seasons of ‘Camelot’ with our production partners Gk-tv, Octagon films and Take 5 Productions”.

Other reports state that scheduling conflicts with several actors may have also affected the decision.

For fans like me, it’s disappointing to see a unique series with potential end so soon. Certainly there were problems with the show, including the casting of Jamie Parker Bower as Arthur, but there was a lot right with it as well. The scenery was breathtaking, and the portrayals of Merlin by Joseph Fiennes and Morgan by Eva Green were brilliant.

The show presented excellent fight scene choreography and costuming. The writing handled the weight of presenting such well known mythology well, and was not afraid of straying from some of the usual myths to present their own spin on the stories. I enjoyed the realistic approach they took, trying to go beyond the myth to what may have happened that then became myth.

I, for one, will miss not getting to see where the series was headed!

Melanie – TTC Reviewer

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