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Castle – Episode MVP – Fidelis Ad Mortem

Fidelis Ad Mortem

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2016

Brianna – Associate Editor

Castle returned this week with the team’s trek to the police academy for an investigation and some of the fallout of the Rick’s LokSat discovery after the last episode.

After the death of a training cadet at the police academy, the 12th is sent in to investigate and while last episode was focused on Castle’s missing time, this week offered a focus on Beckett.

The case of the week involved the murder of a police academy recruit led to the team’s return to the academy and we find Beckett leading the class of new recruits in some training exercises while also looking into who was the person responsible for Bardot’s murder. The hour also gave us a glimpse of another recruit that may just be a Beckett in training, which brought the pair together and led to some unexpected reveals, from the fact that Decker (the recruit) had a relationship with Bardot to her link to an Irish mobster (who happens to be her father).  Decker felt almost like another Officer Hastings (going way back to season four for this one).

The investigation ultimately leads to someone that was right in front of us…for a small amount of time, making it a bit unexpected.

With Rob Bowman directing the episode, “Fidelis Ad Mortem” gave us the expected amount of intense moments as we not only got a police academy investigation but also the fallout of what Castle discovered last episode. Of course, things get a little murky on the latter as it feels like the issue continues to circle around the pair.

Thankfully, it took this hour to avoid some serious re-treading and a mutual decision by the pair to take on the LokSat investigation together.

With the focus so heavily on the investigation, this week’s Episode MVP goes to Beckett. Not only did we see her in investigative mode but also process Castle’s confession that he knew about LokSat for a year and a half and even went as far as erasing his memory so she wouldn’t go looking further into it, which was appreciated.

photo: abc
photo: abc

That’s it for “Fidelis Ad Mortem.” No new Castle until April 4 where we get a seemingly Espo-centric episode!

What did you think of the episode? How about the fallout of Castle’s discovery? Anyone else get those Hastings/Beckett and Beckett/Decker similarities?

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