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Castle – Recap & Review – Habeas Corpse

photo: abc
photo: abc

Habeas Corpse

Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2015

Brianna – Associate Editor

We got the death of a personal injury attorney, a bit of a bigger conspiracy behind the murder, and a police talent show, the latter really brought the light and fluffy out of this week’s Castle which showed off some of the cast’s talents.

After Richie “the Pitbull” Falco, famous personal injury attorney is found murdered, the team’s investigation leads them through a list of person of interests that had some of the most entertaining nicknames, from the running back, Lightning, to “Pitbull’s” competition, the “Savannah Hammer.” Ultimately, their investigation leads them to evidence that goes beyond just a simple personal injury case, something that Richie was working on that got him killed. It was only after a high demand crash test dummy is found that the dots begin to connect and the suspect is caught.

The case of the week, while initially entertaining, eventually fell to the wayside once we caught a glimpse of what the rest of the 12th (namely, Ryan and Esposito) were talking about…the annual police talent show for charity. After the celebrity contestant (Jimmy Kimmel) is no longer to make it, Gates hilariously asks Castle to be the celebrity contestant. A task he decidedly accepts…as long as Beckett is his partner.

While Ryan and Esposito had their routine down and absolutely tight, Beckett begins to freak out about what her husband’s idea of a routine is when he proposes the one they do in the shower as she tells him, “that’s not a routine. That’s two naked people singing when there’s no one around to see or hear it.” Things only get worse for Beckett as Ryan, Espo, and Castle decide to make a not-so-friendly wager on their performance and hilarious smack talk ensues.

It takes the better part of the episode (and a fantastic little dance number from Ryan and Esposito to the tune of “Get Lucky”) for Rick to find out exactly what was bothering Kate about their participation in the talent show, but when he does find out his reaction is so sickeningly sweet as he tells her, “the only audience I care about is you.” Guys, this was just a really light, fluffy hour for the show and it was much appreciated.

Of course, the episode doesn’t end without getting a glimpse at their shower song and dance routine to “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” which was funny and adorable.

There were certain Beckett scenes throughout the hour that felt like they were trying to tell us something more about her thoughts on the future than just about the dance routine. Though, that may possibly be reading too much into certain lines and moments.

It was really great to see everyone from the precinct involved during the investigation, especially Lanie and Gates, which was easier given the police talent show story. Not to mention those little Castle family moments in the loft, from Beckett helping Alexis study in the opening loft scene to Martha being there to help with the dance and to get Beckett through her stage fright and telling Castle about, both moments which were small yet absolutely delightful moments.

So, what did you think of the episode and those guest stars (Dawson’s Creek and Awkward fans)? How about your thoughts on that final scene and who else can’t get “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” out of their heads now?

In three (yes, three) weeks: “Sleeper”

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