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Castle – Recap & Review – Meme Is Murder

photo: abc
photo: abc

Meme Is Murder

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2014

Brianna – Associate Editor

We see the detectives at the twelfth deal with something that is relatively timely, taken to a bit of an extreme this week. The death of a social media star leads the team at the twelfth on a trail to a creepy web stalker that takes things too far and begins leaving a trail of bodies. Meanwhile, Castle takes the digital route to promoting his book.

Web celebrity Abby Smith is found dead with puncture wounds and while it seems like an easy enough case, Castle, Beckett, and company find that the trail leads to a sinister denizen of the internet that has become virtually untraceable. But, while he may be initially elusive he decides to mess with the detectives and writer as he begins posting photos and clues as to his next victim.

Beckett and Castle head to Snappamatic (which admittedly made me chuckle) headquarters to see how they can track this Net Slayer down but discover that it’s much more difficult than they thought. Though let’s be real here, the plausibility of a real social media company not actively archiving their users’ information and at times location, even in the age of Snapchat, seemed a little off. Net Slayer sends them another series of clues and thanks in part to Castle throwing out all of his theories about what they could mean (which is always entertaining), they find the anonymous murderer’s next target…two active Snappamatic socialites.

They are a little too late though as Beckett and Esposito go to warn Tatiana Fisher only Cam Magani has become the next victim. With the help of former cyber unit cop, Bill Garrett, they manage to track down exactly who this Net Slayer is and imagine, that it was done relatively old school.

All the while, Castle decides to take his book promoting digital as he filmed his first ever webmercial (which, is a thing?) and even though he was excited about this next step, he finds that it doesn’t quite turns out as he thinks. In the process, we get treated to a hilarious and slightly cringe-worthy autotuned video promoting “Raging Heat” that we see in the midst of an adorable Castle family moment. At the end of it all, it gets the job done as the video gets him a million hits.

While the case wasn’t as engaging as I thought it would be, the message that seems like they try to make is spot on, and shines through in Beckett’s thoughts on anonymity on the internet and the interrogation scene was kind of rough, because while you can see Adam Lane is a cold-hearted murderer, we see he is a victim of the bullying and harassment as he has imposed on his victims before killing them.

There were a few other highlights in tonight’s episode:

Ryan talking about his blog and the fact that he has quite a following, which apparently didn’t include Castle, was hilarious. Also, The Ryan Report is a real thing.

It feels like it had been a bit since we had seen Gates that active on a case and it was nice to see her especially as she spoke with Beckett about the case.

So, what did you think of the episode? How did you react to that interrogation scene? What about that “Raging Heat” video at the end?

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