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Castle – Recap & Review – Private Eye Caramba

photo: abc
photo: abc

Private Eye Caramba

Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2015

Brianna – Associate Editor

The P.I. arc and fun continues as the hour introduces the case of the week involving telenovela stars, a long list of suspects, more nods to film noir, and Esposito geeking out, resulting in a few really entertaining moments for the detective.. Castle’s P.I. business is off to a slow start until he gets put on a case of a missing purse, which was definitely more than it seemed, while the 12th investigates the death of a young telenovela star.

Anahita Menendez is found murdered in front of her apartment building and it’s up to Beckett and company to find out the who and the why. Meanwhile, with the exception of a few missing cat cases and one involving an overprotective father, Castle’s P.I. business is suffering a bit. Martha and Kate are a bit concerned about why he’s sticking with it and chalk it up to pride. As she gets called to the scene, she tries to gently tell him that it’s okay to close up Richard Castle Investigations, but funnily insists that he’ll be his own muse as he continues his work.

It’s only when Beckett dives deeper into the murder of Ana that she finds the victim’s co-star, Sofia del Cordova, is in need of someone to find her very expensive very designer purse that Ana had the night she was murdered. Cue Castle P.I. getting a new case courtesy of his wife, who is “absolutely right” about him being the best and “completely unbiased.”

The deeper the team at the 12th get, the longer the list of suspects get, which oddly enough didn’t feel superfluous, and went so far as listing two Saudi nationals, Layla Nazif, daughter of a Saudi official, who handed Ana a USB drive during a night at the opera. Something Castle catches onto as well during his Maltese Falcon-like investigation of the designer clutch and as inevitably does, connects back to both cases. Both teams end up with Harlan Mathis as a lead, and while that spelled almost trouble for Castle, it meant a save from Ryan and Esposito. A save that cost Castle a pair of floor Knicks seats.

It seems that the private sleuthing pays off for Rick and the 12th as the contents of the purse, including the USB (or UBS according to Ms. Del Cordova), is revealed and the fact that it wasn’t as real as she led him to believe. His discovery ends in the second nearly deadly interaction of the hour for Castle…with pretty similar results to his face-off with Mathis. Del Cordova ends up being the key to solving the case and leads them to the “accidental” murderer.

The motive actually was fairly refreshing as it involved the launch of a potential Latina-driven television network, a venture that was started by Ana and del Cordova, with the help of Layla’s investment money. I was actually invested and glad to see how that was resolved.

We also got some really fun moments from the baby Castle moments and Esposito showing unleashing his inner-fanboy. Not to mention more of Perlmutter and his not so subtle and vocal lack of appreciation for Castle’s theory building help. I’m just so curious as to why we’re getting so much Perlmutter, not that I’m complaining.

Now can we all take a moment to comment on the fact that Castle/Beckett roleplaying moment in his office? Because, that was just so funny (interruption and all) and so very them. And if we could keep getting Castle’s noir-themed narrations every episode during this P.I. arc, I would be totally okay with it.

So, what did you think of the episode? Did you think that Perlmutter could stand to be a little less subtle? What did you think of the parallel cases and how they tied in? Did anyone else really like the ending and the way it was filmed?

In two weeks (boo): “I, Witness”

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