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Castle – Recap & Review – Room 147


Room 147

Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2014

Brianna – TwoCents Reviewer


One body, three killers? That’s the way it seems for at least most of this week’s episode. Justin Marquette, an aspiring actor, is found dead in a hotel room and compared to last week’s case, what happens from that moment on is completely within the realm of possibility, with the prospect of some sort of cult involvement.

Meanwhile, we get more of Alexis this week and see how her life is post- Pi and her resistance to get out of the apartment they shared, which leads to a scene I have been waiting for since the beginning of this season.

Marquette’s body being found in room 147 leads Beckett and her team to three different people, who actually find themselves confessing to the murder; Each suspect, somehow gets the exact details of how he died right during their confessions, which is absolutely impossible. Of course, that’s not the end of this case and takes them down the road of a strange organization and revenge.

The only tie between these three people is a symbol they all drew during their confessions. The symbol leads to some sort of cult-like organization, EHI with an odd leader that is adamant to avoid Beckett and Castle. He fails and gets caught shredding files. And, you’d think that would mean this guy was totally behind it, right? Wrong.

Turns out it was Pam, the stage director that was working with Justin on that Chekhov play that killed him the same way he was shot at in the instructional videos for EHI. She explains that it was an act of revenge against the organization because he brother was one of the three killed during a sweat lodge type initiation. While the reasoning is somewhat understandable, I can’t help but feel it was a bit of a stretch. It was still enjoyable to see the process to solve the case and it was definitely a lighter episode.

Alexis’ surprise appearance at the loft leads Castle to ask her to move back in. The request is met with some resistance on her part. And it’s Beckett that ends up trying to get the reason for the reluctance to move back out of Alexis in a scene I feel I’ve been waiting to see since at least the beginning of the season. It may have been the first real conversation where we see them address some the family side of her relationship with the Castles, not just Rick but Alexis and Martha as well. And, not just address it but see the kind of mentorship Alexis and Kate have. We saw bits of it early on in the series but, this is the first time we’ve seen a conversation and it was nice to see.

In the end, we see the effects that talk and see Alexis ask to move back in a very sweet moment. I wonder if it will be addressed again later on?

Being a lighter episode and all, there were quite a few funny lines. Here are just a couple of my favorite lines (excluding the entire Alexis/Kate scene):

“Not every case has to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue.”  While it’s not surprising that Beckett would say it,  what makes it funny was the fact that the scene after adds a bit of a wrench to Anita’s confession and sets off the rest of the episode.

“I’m man enough to admit. I’m completely theoryless…” Well, there’s a first time for everything. And, this was definitely it for Castle.

Did you think the motivation behind killing Justin was a bit of a stretch? What about that Kate/Alexis scene? Any other moments stand out in the episode for you? Let me know your Two Cents!

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