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Castle – Recap & Review – To Love and Die in L.A.

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To Love and Die in L.A.

Original Air Date- May 2, 2011

Alexis P – Sr. Reviewer

In this week’s episode Castle and Beckett fly to the City of Angels, but it’s not for fun in the sun, room service, or movie magic. When Royce, Kate’s training officer and close friend gets shot in New York, Kate goes rogue and hops on a jet plane to Los Angeles to bring his killer to justice. Where Kate goes Castle is sure to follow and this time is no exception. He is overdue to visit the Heat Wave movie set where its stars provide some surprising aid to the case that Kate shouldn’t be working. Will Kate get sent packing before she can solve the case?

As the episode opens we see Royce stumble injured into an alley in broad daylight, stalked by a man with a silencer on his gun. He corners Royce and aims, the killer looks just like that guy from Prison Break, Dominic Purcell. Royce looks up. “You have no idea the hell that’s about the rain down on you.”

Beckett appears at the crime scene, night has fallen and the team is all there. Captain Montgomery and Castle try to dissuade her from looking at her former partner’s body. Lanie gives her an airline ticket from L/A and a letter addressed to Beckett that were in Royce’s pocket. Back at the precinct they discover that the killer must have flown from Los Angeles after Royce. The Captain refuses to send Beckett to L.A and wants to take her off the case since she is too close to it. She says he’s right and says she feels it’s time to use some vacation days. You know she isn’t going home, at least not to stay. As she packs she reads Royce’s letter
in which he apologizes and says he is on a righteous path now. Then she flies away. A flight attendant comes and tells her she has been upgraded to first class. I wonder how that happened. She takes a seat in 3C right next to Rick Castle waiting with champagne. Now that is the only way to fly!

When they get to L.A Castle provides transport in a hot red sports car and convinces Kate to stay with him in his two bedroom suite at the posh hotel he always stays at in Los Angeles. “I’ll be your backup” he tells her. They look up Royce’s address and are surprised that it’s a swanky gated mansion. Even more surprised when they find Gene Simmons by the pool. Seems Royce helped get him out of a spot of trouble so he let Royce stay in his guest house. Royce was recently helping a young wannabe actress named Violet Young. She is shooting a commercial at the same studio where Heat Wave is being filmed. Castle says it’s Kismet! Kate and Castle meet the actors portraying the Esposito and Ryan inspired characters and she finds it immensely
creepy. But Violet is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile back on the east coast Esposito and Lanie discover that the bullets pulled out of Royce are dissolving. Kate and Castle break into Violet’s home and find she has been stalking and studying a Mr. Kelvin. Then the LAPD show up with Captain Montgomery on the phone and order Beckett to go home. Like she is going to. Her and Castle find Mr. Kelvin and he says he went on a date with Violet and she ditched him. Seems she used him to get his voice code to open a safe of bullets, dissolving bullets that are worth a fortune.

Castle and Beckett speculate that Violet was perhaps talked into doing this without knowing the true purpose and the crime involved and she ran to Royce who helped her get to New York, not knowing they were being followed. They share a glass of wine at the hotel and Kate shares a little about Royce. “Do you know what I thought when I first met you?” Castle asks her. “That you were a mystery I was never going to solve. I’m amazed by your depths of strength and heart and hotness.” He tells her quietly. “You’re not too bad yourself Castle.” She replies. A moment stretches long, but alas no kiss! She says goodnight but then stands on the other side of her closed door while Castle stares at it, waiting to see if she will re-emerge. She puts her hand
on the handle. Is she going to go back to him? She opens the door and steps out! Only to see his bedroom door closing. Darn it all! She goes to bed, alone.

The next morning they do some brainstorming and see that in order to get the stolen ammo past the guard shack they must have had inside help. They track down a security guard named Reggie Walsh. She’s not a cop in L.A but Reggie doesn’t know that. Thanks to a prop cop car, a costume change and Ryan and Esposito actor doubles they get Reggie to the studio and into the interrogation room set. Its classic and I love it! They get him to spill and give up Russell Ganz as the mastermind behind the theft. A high profile thief who loves fast cars and beautiful women that his money can provide.

So they track Ganz down and in a truly super model entrance Kate emerges from the pool getting Ganz attention and almost causing Castle to lose his drink at the nearby cabana. Says she is Lola Black and she represents some Columbian buyers interested in his supply of bullets. But he realizes she is a cop and shuts her down. They find out where Ganz is going to make the deal with his buyer. Kate and Castle head to the Santa Monica Pier where she chases Ganz down and shoots him. He lays there in the sand. “Royce said hell would rain down, didn’t know hell looked like you.” She aims and Castle and the cops run up. She arrests him. On the flight back to New York Kate reads the letter from Royce again. He tells her that she has to stop fighting this thing between her and Castle, that he doesn’t want her to look back at her life and wonder: If Only.

This episode delivered this week! A change of scenery and a need to improvise and get creative with her methods made for great watching. Also the almost moments between Kate and Castle provide more of that delicious tension. Keep it coming. So what is up for the fast approaching Castle finale? What do you want to see?

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