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Arrow Photo Peeks: “Lian Yu”

After this week's Arrow, the stage is set for the final battle in next week's season finale all going down on Lian Yu. Oliver decides to ally himself with a group of unlikely people as we saw towards the end of "Missing", including Malcolm and Nyssa. Perhaps the most surprising though, is

Arrow – Recap & Review – Missing

Arrow Missing Original Air Date: May 17, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor This week’s Arrow began with a surprise birthday party and ended with the foundation set for the final battle in another solid hour. The false sense of security that fell over most of the team after having Oliver take Chase in last week

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Missing”

We get a birthday party and abductions in next week's Arrow. Though the team may have thought that Chase was officially down after this week, it's all far from over. Felicity puts together a surprise birthday party for Oliver (with adorable green decorations, might I add) and the team seems to be getting

Arrow – Recap & Review – Honor Thy Fathers

Arrow Honor Thy Fathers Original Air Date: May 10, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor Arrow continued its streak of important conversation topics broached each episode this week as Thea returned, another aspect of Robert Queen’s past is revealed, and Oliver takes another step forward in figuring things out for himself in a solid hour. Oliver’s

Arrow – Recap & Review – Underneath

Arrow Underneath Original Air Date: May 3, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor This week’s Arrow was essentially an Olicity-centric bottle episode that gave viewers what they have been waiting for since the season five premiere and pretty much the end of season four…context and communication. And really, it was a wonderful thing. Oliver and Felicity

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Underneath”

After the explosive ending of this week's Arrow, fans will be getting a bottle episode in next week's "Underneath" as Oliver and Felicity are trapped in the bunker. From the photos released and the promo, Felicity's chip malfunctions and will get her back in her wheelchair as she and Oliver try to