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Elementary – Recap & Review – Dead Man’s Tale

Elementary Dead Man’s Tale Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2017 Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer Having learned that Damon, Shinwell’s attempted shooter, believes Shinwell responsible for his brother’s murder has left us with a lot more questions than answers. Sherlock believes Damon’s story and tries to convince Joan she may not know Shinwell

Elementary – Recap & Review – Fidelity

Elementary Fidelity Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2017 Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer Kitty’s temporary return has brought a number of surprises, both good- a baby!- and bad- Sherlock being arrested by a shady government agent initially found with a group searching his home. Then there was the whole disguised murders thing. And,

Elementary – Recap & Review – Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown

Elementary Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown Original Air Date: Jan. 15, 2017 Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer Hey, guess what? Joan’s stepfather apparently wrote a couple of books based on her and Sherlock (using careful code names, of course.) Sadly, chances are we’ll never see these books in print. But, as a consolation prize,