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USA Network Cancels “Graceland” After Three Seasons

Graceland series created Jeff Eastin confirmed today that the show will not be returning for a season four. Eastin shared the news on Twitter: Just got the word, there will be no more #GracelandTV. Thank you to the best cast, crew and fans in television.— Jeff Eastin (@jeffeastin) October 1,

Graceland – Recap & Review – No Old Tigers

Gracelend No Old Tigers Original Air Date: Sep 17, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor Everything from the past season and more is finally coming to light in Graceland's season three finale and divides the housemates. While the season storyline with the Sarkissians winds down, the future of Graceland hangs on the line.

Graceland – Recap & Review – Dog Catches Car

Gracelend Dog Catches Car Original Air Date: Sep 10, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor In the season three penultimate episode lots of stuff goes down. The gang war that was about to happen last week happened. And not without lots and lots of guns. We finally learn Briggs' plan that Mike and

Graceland – Recap & Review – The Wires

Gracelend The Wires Original Air Date: Sep 3, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor As we near the end of season three, we dive deep into a big theme this season - manipulation. And with that, others besides Mike are starting to jump on the Briggs is a master manipulator train while Charlie

Graceland – Recap & Review – Master of Weak Ties

Gracelend Master of Weak Ties Original Air Date: Aug 27, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor After last week, where could the Graceland storyline go? Apparently to the same places it's gone before. Back to Briggs and how he makes himself to be the larger than life figure he wants us to believe

Graceland – Recap & Review – Hand of Glory

Gracelend Hand of Glory Original Air Date: Aug 20, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor I'm not sure I entirely understood everything that happened or why it happened in this week's episode of Graceland, but I do know one thing. This show keeps you guessing every week, that's for sure. It's always a

Graceland – Recap & Review – Savior Complex

Gracelend Savior Complex Original Air Date: Aug 13, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor Last week things were bad. This week things only get worse. It seems in Graceland world things tend to get worse before they get better, which is fine since we're more than halfway through the season so how much worse

Graceland – Recap & Review – Bon Voyage

Gracelend Bon Voyage Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor This week we go deep, deep into emotions, the Graceland-ers and their interactions with each other and others. This season has focused a lot on big storylines and while we dig just a tad deeper into one, it's really

Graceland – Recap & Review – Sidewinder

Gracelend Sidewinder Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2015 Jules - Managing Editor This week we revisit the swamp people friends of Charlie's, Mike's addiction may be hitting a high and Paige goes in undercover with the Sarkissians. Let's get to what went down in "Sidewinder." 85382