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Meet the Staff…

Name: Lila Email: Title: Reviewer Joined TwoCentsTV: April, 2014 Top 4 Favorite Shows Currently On TV: The Good Wife, Scandal, The Newsroom, Orphan Black Top 4 Favorite Shows of All Time: Alias, The Good Wife, Lost, Desperate Housewives My Favorite Television Memory Of All Time: My first memory of the kind of gut punch TV

Meet the Staff…

Name: Mike Bednarsky Email: Title: Reviewer Joined TheTwoCents: April 2014 Twitter: @mjbednarsky Top 3 Favorite Shows Currently on TV: Mad Men, The Walking Dead, House of Cards (although that is only available through Netflix) Top 3 Favorite Shows of All Time: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Simpsons My Favorite Television Memory of All Time: I


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