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TwoCentsTV Top 15 List – Best Halloween TV Episodes from the 2000s

It's that time of year where goblins, ghouls and everything orange, black and scary, creepy and funny rule the TV airways. Yup, it's Halloween time! Over the years, our favorite TV shows have produced some amazing scary, fun and everything in between Halloween themed episodes. We at the TwoCentsTV have

Psych – Top Ten Best Moments – A Nightmare on State Street

Psych A Nightmare on State Street Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2014 Anne Bayley – Assistant TO the Editor-in-Chief I refuse to admit that the last episode of Psych ever is only a handful of days away! It's been my favorite show almost since day one. I hope you've been keeping up with our

TwoCentsTV Top 5 List – Psych Destinations

We at TwoCentsTV are sad that Psych is ending in a few shorts weeks after eight seasons. But no fear, we are also about celebrating everything that Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, Juliet, Chief Vick and Henry had to offer us. It seems that Jules and Shawn may be heading to San Francisco. Will

Psych – Recap & Review – A Touch of Sweevil

Psych A Touch of Sweevil Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2014 Anne Bayley – Assistant TO the Editor-in-Chief Only three new episodes of Psych to go! Guh! This week I'm actually writing while I watch, so I'm experiencing things the same time you all are. It turns out a touch longer than normal, but