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How to Get Away with Murder– Recap & Review – I’m Not Her

How to Get Away with Murder I’m Not Her Original Air Date: Oct 5, 2017 Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer The season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder left us with Annalise’s return to her profession and her breakup (professional and personal) with basically everyone she’s ever worked with. Laurel threw a whole

Marvel’s Inhumans – First Impression – Behold…The Inhumans/Those Who Would Destroy Us

Marvel's Inhumans

Marvel's Inhumans Behold...The Inhumans & Those Who Would Destroy Us Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2017 Brianna – Managing Editor Marvel’s Inhumans is one of the latest comic book adaptations hitting televisions this season, and it will be ABC’s third Marvel project. The two-hour series premiere introduces viewers to a kingdom unknowingly on the