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Supergirl – Recap & Review – Exodus

Supergirl Exodus Original Air Date: Mar 6, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor This week's Supergirl follows on last week's reveal that Jeremiah stole the national alien registry. Now Cadmus is going around abducting aliens with 20 so far having gone missing. So what will the team do now? Everyone has their ideas, but will

Supergirl – Recap & Review – Luthors

Supergirl Luthors Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2017 Jules - Managing Editor Supergirl managed to drop a major reveal in the first 10 minutes of the Luthor-centric episode and it was a doozy. We also see the return of a big-bad and another cliffhanger ending! The episode opens with 20 years ago, when Lillian Luther