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Arrow Photo Peeks: “Disbanded”

Oliver reaches out to a familiar face for help on next week's Arrow as he becomes even more determined to take down Chase/Prometheus. With Oliver giving up his vigilante work after being tortured by Chase, he'll be reaching out to Anatoly and the Bratva to help take the man down before anything

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Kapiushon”

As Arrow continues the back end of the season, we're getting more from the big bad. After finding out that Prometheus is none other than the man he put his trust in, Adrian Chase, Oliver's attempt to take him down fails and he actually ends up captured by Chase and a surprising

Arrow Photo Peeks: “Checkmate”

Prometheus ups his game when Arrow returns as Oliver goes to a familiar face for help and Felicity faces her first challenge with Helix. The photos for "Checkmate" have been released. We'll be seeing Talia present day as Oliver goes to her to ask questions about who Prometheus is and what

Arrow Photo Peeks: “The Sin-Eater”

Team Arrow will be dealing with a trio of familiar faces on this week's episode. Photos for "The Sin-Eater" were released and we got a look at Chien Na Wei, Cupid, and Liza "Lady Cop" Warner making their return, as they break out of Iron Heights and decide to pay Star City