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TwoCents and Five Questions with Blake, Emerson & Scott (The People’s Couch)

photo: bravo
photo: bravo
Years ago, if you were going to miss a show, you had to use a VHS player with a timer. The TV had to be on the VHS channel and the VHS player had to be on the channel you were looking for. And meeting a celebrity? You had to be super rich or sit in the rain for 10 hours and buy tickets to hopefully get a bracelet for a photo.

In present day, not only do we all mostly have DVRs and similar devices, we get sneak previews and can use social media sites to interact with the people on TV shows. The People’s Couch combines all of that.

Tonight is the season finale, a season that has been filled with wonderful one-liners, lots of gasps (usually during Game of Thrones), eye-opening to new shows and a fun group of people saying what we all were thinking at home. This Q&A brings the best friend trio of Blake McIver, Emerson Collins and Scott Nevins. They were the kings of one-liners and it was probably because they were familiar with show business. A former child star, a writer/TV host who doesn’t drink and producer make up the men who never switch spots on their couch. Why? Find out below!

Two Cents TV: How did you find out about the show and ultimately, get cast?
Scott Nevins: There was a casting notice and someone from the show contacted me and said “do you have any friends that you watch TV with?” and I said “Actually, I do!” We did a few rounds of meetings, phone calls and interviews. I think they were shocked at how outlandish and vocal the three of us naturally are when we watch TV together!
Emerson Collins: Scott found out about it from a casting notice and we did a round of Skype interviews just talking about our TV watching habits and displaying our generally ridiculous views on pop culture, and I guess they liked it!
Blake McIver: Our middle couchmate Scott Nevins saw the casting notice. They contacted him and asked him if he had friends that he watched TV with regularly. Emerson Collins and I happened to be on our way to his house to do a Real Housewives viewing night. The rest is history!

TCTV: The groups are so diverse but share a love for TV. Have you had a chance to meet any of the other groups? If so, how did it go and do you keep in touch?
SN: Most of our interaction is on social media, but recently some of the folks on the couches have had a chance to meet one another. I’m most proud of the fact that the show is so diverse. I think the audience can find a piece of themselves reflected in one, if not all of the groups. We all feel like a big dysfunctional family that loves to laugh, cry and scream at the TV together.
EC: We actually just got to meet some of the other cast members and it was fantastic! Just like the viewers at home, we feel like we know each other from getting see everyone’s personality in the show, but it was great to finally get to tell them how much we enjoy them. Otherwise, we chat a lot on Twitter with the fans and each other.
BM: We keep up with the other groups weekly when we live tweet each episode of the show. That has been fun and interactive. We got to hang out with some of our fellow cast members recently and this past week the Egbers came to my Album Release Show, which was so sweet and supportive of them!

TCTV: Since the show has become so popular, has life changed for you? If so, how?
SN: The only real thing that has changed for me is that my DVR gets filled up a lot quicker because “The People’s Couch” has introduced me to a whole new list of shows to watch and obsess over! Besides that, the show captures exactly what Blake, Emerson and I would be doing anyway, so nothing has really changed. My favorite time of the week is when all 3 of us sit down on my couch to watch TV. It’s odd but we actually have some of our best conversations while we watch our shows together.
EC: Honestly, not really. The best part is getting to interact with fans of the show in social media because every time they say “I thought the exact same thing!” it helps me know that at least if I’m crazy, there are lots of others who share my particular brand of crazy.
BM: I am thrilled that the show resonates with so many viewers across many demographics. Life hasn’t really changed that much for me aside from managing an entire new crop of social media followers, which is awesome. I’ve been on TV since I was six so the “being on TV” part is really just fun for me, not particularly different, haha!

TCTV: Has being on the show changed the way you watch TV (i.e. liking new types of shows, etc.)?
SN: Absolutely. There were a few shows that I originally wrote off as dumb after seeing 1 commercial and never gave them a shot. After we watched them on the show I began to secretly continue watching them alone. It’s really getting to the point where I need a 12 step program for TV watchers!
EC: I’m such a TV junkie that all it’s done is added some shows to my already entirely-too-long list of shows that are must-watch.
BM: Absolutely! The People’s Couch has introduced me to some shows that have become new favorites of mine. Also I never imagined how fun it could be to live tweet a show before this experience. The interactive nature of that is like watching TV with 10,000 of your closest friends!

TCTV: Have you ever watched back an episode and cringed at something you said or did? If so, what was it?
SN: This is so me, but really the only thing I’ve ever cringed at was something I wore. It’s jokingly gone down in history between us as the “horizontal striped tank top incident”. Emerson and Blake are so over my body issues that they just roll their eyes and pass me more snacks as I mumble to myself “food is your friend”. Once a former fat kid, always a former fat kid!
EC: Not the content, because it’s my honest reactions, and it is what it is. I do cringe when a pop of profanity happens. I don’t swear like a sailor, but I get really relaxed when it’s just us and sometimes it happens. That’s when I think “oh, and my mom just saw that.” And maybe that one time we chanted “anal” repeatedly.
BM: Haha! I cringe at just about everything I say. The beauty of this show is that you are getting our true, unfiltered, in-the-moment reactions. This makes for great TV from the viewer’s perspective and makes for some “OMG, I can’t believe I just said that on nationwide television” moments for me!

BONUS: What is the reason behind why you don’t swap seats on the couch?
SN: Because the two of them frame me so well, of course!
BM: I guess we’re just creatures of habit. That’s the order we sat in when we watched TV at Scott’s house before filming the show, so I figure why change it now?
EC: It’s really just force of habit. We sit where we always sit. And also, I’m lazy and like Scott to have to run the remotes so I don’t have to do anything!

The season finale of The People’s Couch airs tonight on Bravo at 10pm. See what other cast members said to the same questions by clicking here while you wait for the show to start!

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