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Chuck – Recap & Review – Chuck Versus the Business Trip

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Chuck Versus the Business Trip

Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2011

Jeff L – Staff Writer

So there’s a big Spy More convention this week and it’s an opportunity for drawing out the final hit-person who’s still trying to carry out Decker’s canceled kill order on Morgan. It’s also the one of the final straws in the sad, sad breakup of Jeffster!

The hit on Morgan is canceled after General Grandma helps Carmichael Industries remove the defective Intersect from Morgan’s brain. He’s back to his old self – except for some slight memory loss – which provides Casey with some fun opportunities to mess with Morgan. “Watch Phantom Menance first. You love that one.” This is the first episode in a while where nobody has the Intersect, but it’s still business as usual for the Spy More team.

Chuck poses as Morgan at the Spy More California convention in an attempt to draw out the one operative who Decker sent the kill order that can’t be contacted until the job is complete. Lester also informs Jeff he’s rigged the system to look as if he and Jeff are the top two salesmen in the store –earning them a trip to the convention. The newly clearheaded Jeff doesn’t find Lester’s ruse amusing however and suggests that maybe Lester should work harder and actually earn the trip. Will Jeffster! ever perform again?
At the convention we meet the eclectic mix of Buy More employee’s led by David Koechner (who I should be seeing live tonight at the local comedy club – but alas, nobody wants to go, but I did get to see Dave Foley from the canceled How to Be a Gentleman last night. I told him I blogged about his show for and he said the show was fun while it lasted and agreed with my assessment that he and Rhys Darby were underutilized.) Also at the convention is Catherine Dent who’s just a bit too friendly with Sarah to not be suspicious.

Chuck and Sarah draw out the assassin who appears to have been posing as a bartender at the convention. They bring him back to Castle and quickly realize that it was all too easy to apprehend one of the CIA’s best wet-work operatives. They realize the bartender was another ruse to draw the real Morgan Grimes from hiding. Catherine Dent turns out to be the real assassin – she shows up at the Spy More looking for Morgan just when he think’s he’s in the clear.

Lester is plotting ways to get his old friend Jeff back to abnormal. Big Mike finds Jeff reading a book at the Nerd Herd booth. It looks like he’s going to yell at Jeff for wasting time at work. “Are you reading a book?” Big Mike asks, incredulously. “Yes,” Jeff replies. “I’m gonna get my camera!” responds Big Mike – wanting to capture this Hallmark moment. Later, Big Mike eats Spy More cheese balls while Lester enjoys some tea in the break room. Lester decides to pump some carbon monoxide from Jeff’s van into the room. Luckily he chooses the same moment when the assassin is about to track down Morgan. Big Mike passes out and Jeff rescues him and quickly pulls the fire alarm, allowing Morgan to escape and Chuck and Sarah to capture the hit person before she can complete her mission.

Once Decker confirms to the assassin that the mission to kill Morgan has been canceled, she’s released, but she doesn’t take failure very well and later tells Decker she’s going to kill everyone involved: Morgan, Chuck, Sarah, Casey even Casey’s daughter Alex – who happened to be in the Spy More when her mission failed. Decker authorizes her to kill everyone but Chuck and Sarah. Casey, who was keeping the assassin under surveillance after her release, overhears everything. He steps out of the shadows and kills the CIA’s best assassin and her team.

Jeff has Lester arrested for pumping the carbon monoxide into the break room and almost killing Big Mike. Uh oh.

Later, at Chuck’s the gang is all celebrating and Awesome announces he’s going back to work in order to let Ellie stay home with the baby. I wonder if they are writing him out of the final episodes of Chuck so he can work on his new show I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Just as the gang sits down to dinner there’s a knock on the door. It’s Decker. He arrests Casey for murder. Uh oh.

What did you think of Chuck Versus the Business Trip? Will we see the Intersect ever again? Will Jeffster! ever perform again? What’s going to happen to Casey? Leave your comments and questions below and keep checking back with for all your television recaps and reviews. No new Chuck’s until December so happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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