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Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Commercial

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Comic Book Men

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2012

Jeff L – Staff Writer

This week’s issue opens with a discussion of what character in a movie or comic book made the guys sad when they died. Mike admits to crying when E.T. “died.” The guys give him crap about it, but I cried too, Mike. I cried too.

The plot of this week’s issue centers around Walt’s idea to film a commercial for the Stash. The Comic Book Men decide they want to make a really awful local commercial in the vein of Crazy Eddie. They draft Bryan to direct. It’s great seeing Bry back in the directors chair (and beret). Viewaskewniverse fans will remember Bryan as the director of the must-see-film Vulgar.

Walt’s mad genius really takes center stage in this week’s issue as he runs around the store shooting the commercial in various corners of the Stash. Ming is drafted to play a character they’ve invented called the Price Mite. He’s based somewhat on Bat Mite the annoying little imp familiar to most Batman fans. The Price Mite tries to drive up the Stash’s low, low prices, but he’s foiled by Mike in a super hero cape.
Bryan doesn’t like Ghostbusters? Sacrilege!

This week’s issue was great. I give it a 9.9 on the comic book scale. It was arguably the funniest and most fun episode so far in the series. I have to take off a tenth of a point for the Ghostbusters dis though. Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

Items offered for sale

A comic lot found by a Staten Island sanitation worker including Nick Fury #1, Invincible Iron Man #1 and Justice League #6. Customer wants $1,000. Walt offers $250. Customer decides to sell the entire lot on commission with the Stash earning 20 percent on the sale.

A lot of early trade paperbacks including Superhero Women (1977), Origins of Marvel Comics (1974), America At War 1979), Bring on the Bad Guys (1976) and Son of the Origins (1975). Customer wants $400. The Stash offers $200. Sold.

Transformers Megatron mini statue. Customer wants $150. Offer $65. Sold. Who was that girl?

Complete run of Marvel Secret Wars. Customer wants $800. Walt offers $310. Begrudgingly sold.

Lot of Golden Age comic books including World’s Best #1, Superman #11, 12, #14, All Star Comics #8 the introduction of Wonder Woman, and Detective Comics #38 the first appearance of Robin. Customer wants an estimate and advice. The Comic Book Men tell him his collection is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars and possibly up to $250,000.00. Walt and Mike advise him to take his collection to Heritage Auctions.

Well, that’s my Two Cents. What did you think of this week’s issue of Comic Book Men? Leave your comments and questions below – especially a link to the Mohawk girl’s facebook page and I’ll be back next week with the next issue. Until then, keep it tuned to

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