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Comic-Con 2011 Report: Psych – the Musical?

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Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Psych Producer Steve Franks knows that he’s blown it. And a fan called him on it at the Pysch Comic-Con panel Thursday.

“Whatever happened to the musical episode?” the fan asked.

Franks sighed. “I’m a big liar,” he said. “I promised one but I learned that you can’t write musical in three weeks. I promise we’ll start writing on Monday and it will be the first episode of Season 7.” (Cue the massive cheering here.)

Other things the producer promised we’ll see this season or next? More tap dancing from series star Dule Hill, no serial killers, and something creepy at the end of the season. Guest stars will include Malcolm McDowell, Polly Walker, Joey McIntyre, Corey Feldman, Brad Douriff, Danny Glover, Wade Boggs, Jason Priestly, Cary Elwes and William Shatner, among others.

Then there’s that other sticky point of the relationship between the characters of Shawn and Juliet. According to Maggie Lawson, who plays Juliet, it’s an evolving thing.

“They’re finding their way as a couple,” she explained. Juliet now sees Lassiter as her partner, so he’s No. 1 in her career. But Shawn is her No. 1 in life. Juliet has always believed that he’s psychic. If she thought he a liar, how could she be with him.”

A fan asked about the origin of the pineapple (which appears in every episode). “It was an improv in the pilot,” said James Roday (Shawn). “It was something that went in and out of the cut and was finally in. Now it’s taken on a life of its own. We don’t mind. It’s very delicious and prickly.”

As for how long the show can play with the delicate balance of whether Shawn and Gus are found out, Roday had an answer: “The characters can pull off anything as long as they solve murders and Shawn and Gus stay together.”

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