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Comic-Con 2016: 24: Legacy

The folks behind 24: Legacy scoff at it being called “a reboot.”

“We all felt Jack Bauer had had his day,” said producer, Howard Gordon. But the idea of a completely different list of characters within the CTU world created by the original series? At first, Fox had its doubts. “They thought the 24 world had been exhausted. But we showed them the pilot and they loved it.”

This 12-episode series follows Eric Carter, a military hero who commanded an elite team that took out a Bin Laden-type character under the eye of Rebecca Ingram, former head of CTU. Now terrorists are murdering team members while looking for a mysterious black box.

“So it isn’t really a reboot,” pointed out Jimmy Smits, who plays Rebecca’s husband, a senator running for president.

The format for the show remains similar to the special 24: Live Another Day where instead of 24 episodes each covering an hour in a day, there were 12 covering two-hour blocks.

“There may be some time jumps in there as well,” added Gordon. “But ultimately, real time is the real hero of this show.”

Corey Hawkins, who impressed audiences in the film Straight Outta Compton, plays Eric, while Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings) is Rebecca. From the look of the multiple clips the producers showed, the franchise is in good hands.

The show will still reflect current politics and terrorist threats, although keeping up with the news can be difficult. “That world has changed even since we started filming,” noted Smits.

Controversial issues like torture will return, but in a different manner. “In the original serious, the hero did the torturing,” said producer Manny Coto. “In this version, it’s our hero that’s being tortured.”

As for bringing back characters from the original series, Gordon told the audience not to get its hopes up. “We liked to think that Jack and Chloe are out there doing their stuff,” he said. “But this is a story with new characters set in the same world.”

In other words, not a reboot.

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

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