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Comic-Con 2016: Star Trek

I am sorry to report that the Star Trek 50th Anniversary panel in Hall H was a bit on the disappointing side. There was little news about the series that will be aired on CBS All Access in January 2017 except for a title — Star Trek: Discovery. (Discovery is the name of the ship.)

The creator of the new series, Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal), served as moderator that featured one cast member from each of the series. They were William Shatner (Capt. Kirk on Star Trek: The Original Series), Scott Bakula (Capt. Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise), Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf on Star Trek: Voyager as well as The Next Generation), Jeri Ryan (7 of 9 on Star Trek: Voyager), and Brent Spiner (Lt. Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Fuller, who began his career writing for TNG, asked a series of questions about how series of questions about the culture of creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision. “Star Trek is about celebrating diversity,” he said.  Fuller had previously announced that there will be a LGBT character on the show.

“It’s time civilization becomes more open to others differences,” noted Spiner.

Ryan agreed with Spiner. For instance, “the Borg weren’t exclusionary. They used each culture’s strengths.”

“Roddenberry wanted to show that we had moved on,” said Dorn. “That we had evolved.” His character’s story, as the only Klingon in Star Fleet, was a prime example of learning acceptance. “People at first didn’t trust him, but as they got to know him, they accepted who he was.”

As for Star Trek: Discovery, Fuller plans to take advantage of the online format. “There will be new things, new characters and we’re going to tell the stories differently,” he said. “The series will not be so episodic. We’re telling stories like a novel and each episode is a chapter.”


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