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Comic-Con 2016: Supernatural

Now Truly a ‘Family’ Show.

In case you missed the end of Season 11, mom’s back! That right, Mary Winchester has returned from death’s clutches, not as ghost, but in a physical form. And that’s created a whole new dynamic for the show’s 12th season.

Showrunner Andrew Dabb added, “Sam never knew his mother. She was a hunter who walked away from that life, just like Sam did. Now she’s come back to it and the boys learn that family can be a vulnerability.”

Jensen Ackles (Dean) pointed out how long the boys have been on their own. “So how does she fit into their lives?” he said. “There’s now a third element in the mix that will leave them vulnerable. We don’t know where that will take the boys.”

“It’s fun exploring the family,” said Jared Padalecki (Sam). “Is family just blood or is it shared experiences?”

Dabb promised that the final season will revert back to many of the good horror stories the show started out with. But meanwhile, Lucifier is still out there, even though he has no physical form.

“He’s looking for a vessel, hopping into bodies and looking for revenge,” said Dabb. “The first body will be a rock star. We looked at the pool of rock singers who act and there are only a few that can do both. We were lucky to get Rick Springfield.”

Dabb alluded to a few deaths as the series winds down. That plus the dynamics of the Winchester clan and Lucifier’s lust for revenge mean can only one thing. “It could go anywhere,” he said with a devious grin.

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

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