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Comic-Con 2017: Battlestar Galactica Panel

Comic-Con 2017
Battlestar Galactica Panel

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

It’s not clear who enjoyed the Battlestar Galactica reunion more, the audience in Ballroom 20 or the cast and crew.

The panel swapped stories, compliments and memories. And even after eight years of the show being off the air, fans ate it up. Here are a few of their stories.

Producer Ron Moore: “We learned about the show as we did it. At first, we thought we’d be spending time in the ship and visiting the rest of the fleet. But then we realized it would be too expensive.”

Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol): “We were all really close, having a potluck every week at someone’s home. I remember once I was early to one of the writer’s homes and found the season’s outlines. I snuck into the bathroom to read them and couldn’t believe what was happening to my character. Then the host asked if I was OK. I did what I used to with Playboys – I put it in my pants and like my dad, he asked what was under my shirt. And then he couldn’t tell anymore for four months. And that’s how I found out I was a Cylon.”

Mary McDonell (president Laura Roslin): I thought as we went along that Laura would have more than one suit. I was wrong.”

Moore: “I remember when we had the first footage, I took it to a Battlestar convention and decided to show it first before question. And when it finished, they booed. It was horrible. But Richard Hatch, who I didn’t know then, stood up and told them to give us a chance. Later he told me that he didn’t agree with what I was doing, but he didn’t want me to be treated that way. I told him he should come on the show as a guest star and he shook his head. But eventually he did and created the iconic character of Tom Zarek.”

Fittingly, the panel ended with a tribute to Hatch, who died earlier this year.

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